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A few thoughts on what the Bill Self, Kurtis Townsend suspensions and other self-imposed sanctions might mean for Kansas

I tend to think they're doing this because they've gotten some feedback indicating what the final ruling is going to look like and they're taking proactive steps accordingly. Aside from that being the case, I see no good reason to do any of this. The Memphis case certainly was different from the others, but honestly so is KU's. No coach at Kansas was accused of a crime as in the case of several other schools. No coach at Kansas was accused of directly paying anyone. The only part of the NCAA allegations that ever concerned me was the statement regarding the Adidas access to Preston and his family by KU. It stated that Adidas reps were allowed at the same hotel with the Prestons and lends at least some credibility to the idea that Adidas was viewed, even by KU staff, as a booster and not just a sponsor. Everything else is innuendo, some of which is even refuted by the FBI, sworn testimony and court ruling.

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Former Jayhawk Andrew Wiggins wins NBA title with Golden State Warriors

Andrew Wiggins has an infectious smile. You just can't help but be happy for him.

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Kansas guard Bobby Pettiford pain free and feeling good entering sophomore summer

Great news! I'm happy for Bobby that he finally feels good. You could see glimpses of what Coach Self was talking about with him in the early games he played. I'm excited to see how he impacts the team when he can remain healthy.

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Kansas sophomore Jalen Wilson goes beast mode in 2nd half of Sweet 16 win over Providence

Wilson was relentless. He also missed out on free throw opportunities late because of yet another horrible charge call. Remy could have had more assists, but he took a couple wide open shots when he clearly wanted to pass to the post. He couldn't make the pass inside, because McCormack was getting raped, so he took the shot.

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Notebook: KU coach Bill Self says he always enjoyed competing against now-former K-State coach Bruce Weber

There's been a lot of questions posed to coaches about the handshake line at the end of games and whether it should end. After another fiasco involving Howard and, who would have guessed it: a sportsmanship issue with Duke, I was thinking about why it's important to show sportsmanship, win or lose. If anyone deserves recognition for the right way to treat opposing coaches and teams it is Coach Bill Self. Coach Self has consistently walked thru handshake lines with Coach Weber 2-3 times a season and shook hands with a man who has treated Coach Self as poorly as anything I've ever seen between coaches. His bitter resentment has been evident from the burning at Illinois, to the constant "right way" references that excuse his own shortcomings. He has, especially against KU, been a "6th man" on the court where he has literally blocked Jayhawk players and never received so much as a technical. His attitude and demeanor bear more responsibility for the reckless court storming at KState that endangered players and coaches. It also contributed greatly to the fight at KU. And yet, Bill Self courteously shakes his hand. Thank you, Coach Self, for showing others the RIGHT WAY to treat opposing coaches and players.

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Cliff Alexander to leave KU after one season, enter NBA draft

I was wondering that as well. Perhaps the young man just included his mother in discussion out of respect. Likely he and his father had already determined that it was best to move on since he either has no eligibility left or would be facing a difficult fight to get it back. Then just included her in the decision, because she is involved in the matter whether he wants her to be or not. After all, his money will have to pay back the loan. Maybe there is more to speculate, but it could just be that he has enough maturity to acknowledge his mother, even if she wasn't involved in the actual decision.

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Cyclones out-run Jayhawks in KU road loss

I agree with Bryce. The only positive thing I could say for the refs is at least they didn't overturn the out of bounds call when the announcers were claiming the ball was off Oubre. I don't know what play they were watching but the ISU player had both hands on the ball and was jumping with his momentum pushing the ball. At least the refs got that call right.

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Cyclones out-run Jayhawks in KU road loss

It was great to see some fight down the stretch. 81 points should have been enough to win this game. Transition defense was horrible and was the main reason for the loss. The phantom charge against Selden pretty much summed up the officiating. I swear Niang has drawn at least one bogus charge call in every game he has played against KU. No contact at all on that play and KU would have been down 2. All in all, I would say that's the best the Cyclones can do, so with the way the Jayhawks hung tough down the stretch, there is still plenty to feel good about.

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Owls destroy No. 10 Kansas, 77-52

That game was so bad it broke my TV. It just got delivered last week. After the game the screen went blue and it won't do anything else. It is a Smart TV, perhaps it has feelings too and took offense at some of the things I yelled at it. Then just shut down like the Jayhawks did.

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Cole Aldrich makes most of his minutes

Good for Cole. Want to see him do well. Andrew, come to Notre Dame. You can definitely play there. I won't be a ND fan, but I will definitely come to games and cheer for you any time.

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