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Bill Self basks in glow

It'd be hard for Tyus to come in and replace a multiple year starter, senior. Can't imagine he'd want to be in that situation, but only he knows that answer.

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Which would you say was the most painful NCAA loss of the Bill Self era at KU?

I went with VCU because I thought that that team was by far the best in the country and while anything can happen in March, I was most confident in that team. Kentucky was bittersweet because I didn't expect us to get to the title game and UK was just so good and the match-up was not a good one for that team. Bucknell was hard because it was that first huge upset with Self and I loved those seniors. Michigan was bad this year, but had we followed seed I'm not sure we would have gotten the ball past mid-court for much of the game against that Louisville pressure.

The great part of this list, which most schools don't have, is a skipped year. Funny enough, for all the bad losses on the list, the year we won it was full of some extremely talented teams. All four of those #1 seeds would have won the NC some of these other years.

But worst in my lifetime...

'97 Arizona,
'03 Syracuse,
'11 VCU,
'12 Missouri (of course, the counterpart in AFH ranks pretty high as favorite wins).

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Thomas Robinson, Tyshawn Taylor await NBA call

I would have liked to watch that 1-on-1 game...sniffle.

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A Self-ish team: KU coach proud of, thankful for maximum-effort squad

Because you weren't there.

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Double-team cuffs Sullinger

LB is going to join the staff starting next year...I can hope, anyways.

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Missouri's Frank Haith is AP Coach of the Year

Not sure, but who is NSU?


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Tyshawn Taylor: ‘I’m a loveable guy, man’

try to keep up

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Kansas vs. North Carolina

In addition to those memhawk, I like the TRob/TT jumping celebration photo and the Kung Fu rebound shot...he kicked 'em right in the "Tarholes"!

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Sweet survival: Jayhawks rally past Purdue

Anybody see the picture on Yahoo Sports last night after the game? I think it showed exactly what Robinson had to deal with all night...Hummel had his right forearm and body up against TRob's back, Hummels left hand was holding TRob's elbow, and another Purdue player had his hand on the forearm of TRob's other forearm.

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Switch stymies Robbie Hummel

What I thought was most impressive was when Bill when extremely small, went man-to-man, and switched on every ball screen. They were unable to score (or at least get a decent look) when we did that.

They also really only got one easy basket when they were in the triangle and two.

Great coaching job in my opinion.

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