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KU baseball clinches series at Texas Tech

It would be nice to see a box score and give the program the journalistic respect it deserves. Way to Hawks!

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Kansas basketball v. North Carolina

Yogi, you couldn't have said it better. We are fortunate to have Bill Self and Roy Williams is a class act! Both great coaches. The NCAA should not have created this match up. Good for ratings but disrespectful to a great basketball program and hall of fame coach. RCJH to the final four!

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Former KU quarterback Dayne Crist helps lead West all stars to easy victory

Go Dayne!! This guy has all the tools necessary to be successful in the NFL - physical, mental, leadership qualities, and lots of perseverance. I watched him last spring, at some of the early August practices, and was at all the home games last fall. He can make all the throws. In the right system (which all NFL QBs need) with big bodied, fast receivers who run the right route and can catch the ball when it is thrown to them, DC can make it in the NFL. Football is the ultimate team game; you need 11 guys working together all doing their assignment each play. QBs get too much credit when it all works and too much blame when it does not work.

Best of luck to Dayne Crist going forward in his endeavors and thanks for being a Jayhawk!

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Opinion: Tony Pierson represents hope for KU football

Jake, you are way off on the outcoached comment. I have been at all the home games this year. I sit on the visitors’ side about 20 rows up near mid-field and get a good look at the opposing teams players. The talent level of Texas and ISU O-line and D-line is very close in my opinion, and we know that Texas gets the pick of the litter in the Lone Star State. We battled hard in the trenches but were outmanned. The two dropped passes by Omigie were right in front of me; unacceptable play at this point in the season for anyone on the field. That is not being outcoached. The talent level at receiver hurt us (and Dayne Crist) all year so we morphed into a running team (coaching). When Dayne came in, ISU immediately went to a pressure package. Our O-line handled it OK, but not at a high level. On the defensive side of the ball, we continue to be unable to cover the 7 yard out to the field side and drop interceptions at key moments in games. That is not coaching. The improvement throughout the year and the fact that the effort was at a high level for 60 minutes is all coaching. I am very encouraged by the coaching staff. We have some needs from a personal standpoint that need to be addressed. Hopefully we get those filled soon via recruiting and player development.

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'Not our time': KU can't close out lead, falls 21-17 to Texas

This loss hurt....we outplayed a team with more talent for about 50 out of 60 minutes. The drivel I attached above makes not winning hurt a little more. It's really a shame not everyone gets to live in congested, hot, flat, and over-hyped Austin.

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Notebook: Tony Pierson impresses in passing game; reserve WRs get chance with injuries

Today was a big improvement from the game last week making the loss last week that much tougher. The game plan/play calling last week snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Simpler is better with this team so far. If we came into the contest today 2-0, the atmosphere would have been juiced and we would be playing with more confidence.

Dayne Crist can be a very good quarterback. We have a receiver problem, not a QB problem but everyone wants to ‘blame the quarterback’. Our small receivers can only get open on the short crossing routes and our taller receivers do not play big. The dropped passes must stop. Crist does not know what he is going to get from his receivers each time he goes back to pass therefore causing indecision or holding the ball too long. There simply are not open receivers to throw to very often. The quick sprint-out passing game worked well early. Running out of double tight ends worked also. We need to find a way to score in the red zone.

The defense played hard for 60 minutes. Toben and Williams are studs. Our second level is inconsistent which really hurts. We take incorrect pursuit angles too often, need to wrap-up when we make contact with the ball carrier/receiver, and get them down on the ground. Campo cannot bring more heat because we are too inconsistent in the secondary. As a result we play bend but not break defense. Turnovers have been a huge improvement and will only get better as guys feed off of them.

Special teams need to improve. Our kickoff coverage has to get better. We lose the field position battle when we allow the long returns. Our kickoff return put us in a hole today. Take a touchback or return the ball straight up the field. Our kicking game is what it is. The long snap on the one field goal attempt was bad and threw off the timing.
I am encouraged. We played hard and coached hard for 60 minutes. With 2 minutes left in the game we go for it on 4th and ten, get the pass interference call and drive all the way down to the goal line. If we score and recover the onside kick who knows how the game turns out today.

This team deserves better fan support. The amount of people leaving early is disgusting; it’s not like you have to be somewhere else at 2:30 pm on a Saturday afternoon in Lawrence, KS. C’mon, we can do better!

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What caught my eye at Tuesday's practice: Sept. 11

Glad Crist had the chat with Coach Weis. He has looked like he is trying to do too much and indecisive. Just relax and let the game come to you; you have the physical tools and knowledge to light it up. Have some fun and kill it this week Dayne!!

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Charlie Weis-Dayne Crist duo not so dynamic

How can you ever be glad with a loss???? As HCCW said, losing is not acceptable. Being competitive is not enough. We are really in need of a mind set makeover!

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Charlie Weis-Dayne Crist duo not so dynamic

This was a game that never should have been lost. By middle to late in the third quarter we had won the game of attrition and were dominating Rice at the line of scrimmage. Would have been nice to go to a jumbo pakcage for a change up and pound the rock to finish Rice off; go double tight ends, move Mundine to fullback, put Bouban in a tailback and mash it down their throat. That would have psychologically detroyed Rice and swung momentum hard our way. Instead we did not fininsh off the drive that Keegan mentions in the article. Other observations: Pick is by far our best receiver; he runs good routes, catches the ball, blocks, and is a big a target. Our other receivers are very small targets, do not run good routes and have a hard time getting open, and do not catch the ball well. The tight ends we rotate in do a ncie job. O-line is good in spots but not consistent. Running back is a strength, we should go to it more. Defensive line is much improved. Our linebacking core is weak; we get beat at the second level consitently. Defensive backs are a mystery. They tackle poorly and coverage is inconsistent. The times Campo brought heat from the edge our DB's were put in great position but failed to make plays. There is no way he can pressure more because our linebackers and DBs make way to many mistakes. Crist needs to relax and play the game he is capable of; he is not Peyton Manning and should run the play given to him from the sideline and quit over thinking the game. Players make plays and when we needed it most, our guys did not make the plays needed to win the game.

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Kansas tight end Tim Biere is shoved out of bounds by Northern Illinois defender Demetrius Stone on

Wish Biere could have played for coach Weiss. The last two years were a waste; he would have really developed as a player in this offense where the tight end is utilized effectively and also under this conditioning program.

Good luck Tim

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