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FINAL: Xavier Henry scores career-high 31 points as KU takes down La Salle, 90-65

Anyone notice Cole's extremely awkward position in the picture above?

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Markieff answers Self’s call

• Not to any of the beautiful people in the stands


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X-cellent debut

I love seeing the X's in the audience after Xavier scores!

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Brady Morningstar's court appearance in DUI case rescheduled to Nov. 19

In case anyone hadn't heard, Brady Morningstar had twice the legal limit!

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Report: KU basketball player Morningstar had nearly twice the legal limit of alcohol in system when arrested

Yahweh-that's funny stuff.

But was there really a need to put this article out? We already knew he got a DUI, we really need to focus on moving on...

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Aldrich, Collins honored together

Okay, there's nothing wrong with looking at the site and "knowing your enemy." Is it really necessary to comment on articles?

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Aldrich, Collins honored together

Memphis you have a life?

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Aldrich, Collins honored together

mr_jhawk4477- I was thinking the exact thing about Elijah Johnson. Very excited to see him play. It blows my mind thinking about all the talent we have this year. Most I've ever seen, the question is if the experience and talent equal out. We got Cole and Sherron bringing plenty of experience, also roll players like Tyrel Reed. Then you got the twins, tyshawn, mario, and others with a little experience...And lastly we've got the newcomers Henry's, Robinson, Withey, Johnson...and more.

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KU couple name kids after football, basketball heroes

When I get married and have kids I'm naming my first Giddens...

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At long last, KU’s Reed dethroned at Boot Camp

Congrats to Aaron, my favorite kansas point guard. I miss the days of wayne, keith, and aaron. Good luck aaron!

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