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Deja vu: Kansas rotates quarterbacks in 65-19 loss against Texas Tech

what exactly has Bender proven? Carter on the other hand has had 3 starts. One was a close game to Iowa St, the second was the Texas win, and the last time he started was the best we've played Kstate in years. In my opinion Carter should be the starter

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Big stadium donation, Adidas extension on horizon for KU Athletics

You didn't say it, but you clearly think that KU does. Adidas will not be giving us money to put towards something else lol. Adidas is fine, and the amount of jerseys they provide the football team is fine.

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Tom Keegan: Sheahon Zenger's seat hottest of all

you have seen Oregon right? I think they're doing just fine

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Tom Keegan: Ending road losing streak supplies motivation for Kansas football

Great Post! I would also like to see a fan base that puts in effort. I go to every home game and it is sad when the fans cheer more for the free pizza than the team on the field.

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First-half miscues cost Kansas momentum, points in loss to Central Michigan

Yeah, how many times does the fade actually work though? Not a lot. How many times did Bender throw the ball down the sideline and completely miss. It is clear he can't hit that pass on a consistent basis

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Bitter end: Shots don't fall, Jayhawks dropped in Elite Eight against Oregon

im not going to say Self did terrible or anything like that, but you did point out that we had basically no front court this season. Who's fault is that? and it wasn't because one player got hurt (Udoka). none of our bigs developed over the course of the season. Thats coaching

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Waiting game roars on in Big 12 expansion saga

What following? They have trouble filling out their small stadium as it is.

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With Bledsoe OU-bound, the focus on KU's D-Line shifts to Isaiah Bean

Go back and look at the 2 stars from Texas on that roster too. I don't care where the guys come from as long as they want to be Jayhawks.

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KU linebackers coach Kevin Kane leaving to become defensive coordinator at Northern Illinois

James Holt the former Jayhawk Linebacker was one of the GA's this past year. I wouldn't mind seeing him get the position

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Dual-threat Texas QB headed to KU

We are also getting Haehn's high school teammate Keegan Brewer who is a WR. He should be joining the Jayhawks in the spring too.

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