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Going forward: Self trims big-man rotation to four

Now the guards are communicating who they play best with? Thats not a good team concept. Graham should have sat down numerous times for vick to play. Mason too. If you keep making same dumb plays and there is no coaching/ consequences to be on the bench it hurts the whole team.

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Going forward: Self trims big-man rotation to four

Had we lost a game with Mickelson starting? Its so obvious the ball movement is better with him in the game. Also his shot blocking can set the tone for other bigs. We should be pressing and wearing out teams with all of. Extended talent.

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Jayhawks lose at Iowa State, marking third straight road setback

Mick and svi not getting into the game!? Graham was terrible. Other teams " No " Lucas can't buy a bucket. Coach Self does nothing to ignite his bench. With all the long arms a 2 -3 or 1-3 -1 could make opponent change their offense. Outcoached .

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Hunter Mickelson happy to start

He still needs to get 10 to 15 minutes a game even with all the bigs he moves his feet so much better. Other Teams know he is a shot blocker. also sets better screens and is more capable of scoring, proof of that in summer. Plus he's a great free-throw shooter. Jamari had a chance to be Rodman like.

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Big minutes?: Callers question playing time

Hunter is capable of so many good things. He will shine and be more consistent than anyone.

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'Real-game pressure': Jayhawks handle Harvard's heat

I believe Hunter Moves quicker and rebounds better. Plus his shot blocking ability is far superior than other two post players. Why can't coach play him more? He was outstanding this summer.

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Far and away: Wayne Selden Jr. leads Jayhawks to Maui title

Hunter Needs more PT. He is so much more active. Don't know why he's min are limited.

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Father explains Greene’s 6-game suspension due to playing-time dispute

Greene will come back. Hopefully sooner than 6 games. Leadership, hard work and commitment. Hunter proved his value this summer. Both need the opportunity. Freshman needs to take a seat until were up 20.

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Father explains Greene’s 6-game suspension due to playing-time dispute

Bill saying "11 players think they should all play." That's his responsibility to keep them poised to play. As fans and supporters we want that. Hunter and Greene need more PT period. We should be running teams off the court if everyone gets a decent opportunity. It takes energy to play good defense. We are lacking.

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Jayhawks can't stop Denzel Valentine, fall to Michigan State

Hunter needs more PT. He was so good this summer.

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