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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

It is a little annoying to read, but they do that on the chance that this article is picked up by other media markets and printed there. Yes, everyone reading a sports article likely knows who Wiggins and Self are, but rules are rules.

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KU turns attention to stadium revamp

I've posted my thoughts on this on previous articles about potential stadium renovations, but think its worth repeating. I think any major renovation should start with putting up a limestone facade over the guts of the stadium. This would give a great uniform look to match the rest of the campus (and especially the Fieldhouse). With lowering the field, I think the gain in seating by extending the current seats down a few rows isn't worth it. Instead, I would favor moving the field toward the bowl to bring the fans closer to the action. My personal preference, with a lower field would be to re-do the slope for better sight lines (Michigan had to do this at the Big House), but block off the horseshoe rather than keeping the U. Of course none of this is possible without some additional luxury seating. Every major renovation to stadiums is including these high dollar seats, so this will have to be factored in somehow (above students/extend the current box). Looking at the picture above in the article, I think this could be such a great stadium with a few asthetic tweaks and then several fan/player experience tweaks to bring it to the modern era.

Just my suggestions on these things of course. I certainly don't expect any of them to be put into place (and haven't received a call from SZ to help consult), but am excited to hear that they are starting to think about it and glad that they have engaged the Sporting group. They have a great fan experience and something worth emulating all throughout sports.


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Weis, Jayhawks well-aware of Big 12 loss streak

Yes, that's annoying and it has happened with other players. I tend to not put much stock into these things since they let Jared Allen get away with whatever he makes up at the time and Terrell Suggs is from "Ball So Hard U".

The important thing is that during the games when they make big plays, the commentators usually make a point to say that these guys are from Kansas. In the Denver game this weekend, when Stephen Johnson had that punt block, scoop and score, they went out fo their way to mention he was from KU. Yes its annoying, no its not worth getting bent out of shape about.

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KU offensive line seeking more toughness during bye week

This will also be the first test against a throw-first team for our new look defensive scheme with 5 DBs. Can we get enough pressure to force the redshirt QB to be uncomfortable and make a quick bad decision, or will he have plenty of time to sit back and pick us apart all day? As good as our secondary could be, they can start to look pretty average if they have to defend for more than 6 seconds each snap. Its just too tough to maintain assignments when the QB has that long to survey his reads and find someone. I think the key to stopping them will need to be unleashing the linebackers and trying to speed TTech up to where they make mental mistakes. If we can do that, perhaps we can fluster the QB and get him further off his game.

I'll be there rooting hard for that first Big 12 win, hope the students and fans come out in force too.

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And so it begins: Freshman Wiggins, Jayhawks set for season

Don't forget the turnaround Weis has shown in grades for this team. It certainly isn't factored into his win-loss totals, but if his players are graduating, it opens up so many options for them after football.

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Believe it or not, it's time for KU basketball media day...

It is definitely a good sign that Coach Self thinks Selden can be used as capable ball handler. There were several times last season when EJ and Tharpe were running point and teams could just key in on them and stop the offense because no one else could attack on their own. While it isn't the base of a Bill Self high-lo offense, having several players that can make a move and get a piece of the lane will really open up things for everyone on the floor and give defenses a lot more to think about.

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Boot Camp opens; ‘nobody threw up’

Sounds like he needs to watch a video on how the late John Wooden instructed his players to put their socks on to avoid blisters...

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KU cornerback Kevin Short to sit out 2013 season

I'm extremely disappointed that the NCAA made this decision despite the academic transcript they had in front of them, and without even accepting KU's offer to have the two sides meet. I'd be interested to see if someone could do a little digging and find out if the NCAA has pulled this sort of stunt before, or better yet what rule they cited to do this.

While I don't believe that the NCAA will ever go away completely, I definitely think that the member institutions need to take back some of the power. If a member school has admitted a student that meets their standards, then that should be the final say unless the transcript was a fake. I also agree with Hawk90 that it is very funny the NCAA was able to rule on Johnny Funtimes in a matter of days with the video evidence and statements from brokers (and took Johnny at his word during the interview process), but waited until the 3rd week of the season to decide that it was in Kevin's best interest to spend this season focused on his academics. I seem to remember another time an SEC QB had a situation rushed through the review process recently...

Although this is extremely difficult for us as fans, I'm sure it is a much worse feeling for Kevin. I had looked forward to seeing him play this year and had high hopes for our secondary after hearing how he was performing in early practices. I hope that this year can be used effectively in much the same way McLemore and Traylor did with their first year at KU. I'm sure Weis and his staff will make sure Kevin gets his grades taken care of to prove the NCAA wrong, and hope he busts it every day in the weightroom getting the full Holsopple treatment. If he does these things, he'll come through not only a better player and student, but also a better man despite these challenges.

Rock Chalk.

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Opinion: Kansas kicker defies norm

50 yards is still 50 yards. Yes he hasn't done it in a game yet, but I'd rather have that as an option knowing he has the leg to get it there than having to go for it on unreasonably long 4th downs, or punting into the endzone for a net 13 yards.

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Opinion: Kansas kicker defies norm

So just to clear this up, you think Weis is stupid because he cut a kicker that didn't perform well during tryouts and did not beat the other kickers he chose/used last year? Ok, good just making sure.

Had the article said anything about Wyman going perfect during tryouts and hitting from 50+ last year but still getting the axe, then I would agree with you, but I'm going to trust that Weis and his staff based their decision on what they saw during tryouts and that they made the best choice possible. No denying that the kicking game was horrible last year, but you are trying to argue that Wyman was the same kid last year that he is this year and the coaching staff is therefore unable to properly assess talent when the article talks about how he was shaky and didn't perform well early in camp this year. I can only imagine how he did last year having no real kicking background.

As raprichard said, you are just being petty and hoping for Mangino to come back, something that will never happen. Get over it.

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