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Big 12 accuses ESPN of trying to 'destabilize' conference

Let's face it. With the athletes sharing in product sales. Multi-million TV, Streaming and Radio contracts, College Sports is now part of Professional Sports. Education be damned. Talent gets paid, all others get screwed.
When the players get WOKE, fans will leave them.
ESPN and FOXSPORTS are mega corporations in sports and like any other Mega Corporations they will willingly violate anti-trust laws to achieve their goals. Professional Sports teams are protected from anti-trust laws, by default, ESPN and FOXSPORTS can pretty much do what they want, when they want.
I don't watch professional sports now. I can just as easily cross Kansas off my list even though I am an Alum. I certainly will wipe Texas and Oklahoma off my list.

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KU says all home and away athletic events canceled indefinitely

This panic is absolutely STUPID. The Wuhan virus is dangerous to the elderly. The average age of death is approximately 80. 26 of the 39 deaths were in a senior residence in Washington State.
More people die from the current strain of flu than from this Virus. It goes to show just how dangerous the media is.
Of course the current mindset of government is to punish people even if they don't deserve it.

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KU would support student-athlete compensation, chancellor says at congressional hearing

The only way this really works is to implement as a socialist scheme.
The only players who really benefit are the elites/stars. The players will now gravitate to the better schools who can sell more jerseys. Can a smaller school like Duke or Wake Forest compete with the larger elite State schools like OSU, Penn State, Arizona or Kansas.
DL's and OL's are out for the most part. Most defensive players will be out of the money. Bench players can only sit and watch the others rake it in.
Product prices are already out of sight. $39.95 for a basic T will become $49.95 or more. Fans will pay in the long run.
Finally, who pays for their living expenses, tuition, etc.

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Former Missouri chancellor blames Bill Self for lack of Border War

Always suspected that Mizzo was snowflake Heaven. It is now proven. The Snowflakes rule. Don't blame us, blame someone else, why not HCBS.

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Tom Keegan: Carter Stanley infused energy into Jayhawks and then he punted

One of my friends at TCU said in his opinion we had the game won an just seemed to stop and fall apart. Just saying.

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Tom Keegan: Carter Stanley infused energy into Jayhawks and then he punted

The Head Coach is just that. He needs a coaching staff capable of running a game under his overall plan. How is he going to discipline himself for a bad call, stand in front of a mirror. Beatty has shown his weakness as a leader. He wants to coach, not lead. Bad move.
I've said this before. A OC who is also the Head Coach has a fool for a head coach.

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Wiggins won’t play for Canada

He is part of the screwy NBA system of 1 and Dones. Not his fault. He will always be a representative of the Jayhawks. He is a quality young man making a very good living and working hard to improve.
Go man.

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Why Bill Self doesn't pay Kansas taxes on about 90 percent of his earnings

This article is pure LEFT WING garbage. It only goes to show how ignorant the news media has become. The writer show be shown the door back to the New York Times, where she belongs.
What she doesn't say is how much does the LLC pays. Guess what, it is private and she can't access that information. So Sara, since you have an obvious left wing agenda, write about something else you don't understand, individual freedom.
Bill Self has the same rights as any citizen, professional or business entity. Did anyone ever notice the LLC or PC behind the names of Drs, attorneys or other professional organizations.
They are maximizing their income.
I live in Texas where this article and the writer would be laughed out of the State. We don't pay income taxes, period.

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Why KU freshman Cheick Diallo is neither crazy nor delusional

Another One and Done, done. Big money at 20, bench at 25, broke at 30. It is really sad

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KU’s glue guy: Kansas won 11 of 12 with Lucas as starter

Thinking back through Luca's play, he has become not unlike "The Enforcer" similar to hockey teams only with more class. Other teams have to eventually go through him. Not a great blocker, but his big body changes plays and keeps the hawks on a even par with the other "under the basket" muscle. We have scorers. We needed muscle. Got it!

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