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A bad, bad Bull

What about the hype on Spikes? He's played two games.Coach W can do some things to help him out like double teaming or chipping with Bier.And if that doesn't work and Spikes really gets abused, I wouldn't be surprised to see Ian Wolfe his shot.

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Newell Post: Before they were stars

What about the pass he caught as a frosh to propel us to overtime against ISU. That catch and Webb's kick sealed the Fort Worth Bowl invite

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Report: Chalmers, Arthur caught with marijuana at NBA camp

priceless. at orientation no less.

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Future forecast

Good Stuff.

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Sveltesville, Cliches and Jayhawk Football (Spodcasters)

I was wrong about Dugan. Nice article on Rojas today.

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Sveltesville, Cliches and Jayhawk Football (Spodcasters)

I think Dugan might be getting ditched permanently. Has anyone else noticed that Keegan is doing a ton of "beat" type articles. Over the past few weeks anyways...Just a hunch. For the record, I don't mind Dugan.

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Five freshmen could forego red shirts

Don't we use a three tight set on some goalline formations? Or have we done away with that since going to the spread? If we have a three tight formation, I could see Biere getting some time, since we don't have many other TE's. Also, if anything happens to either Dedeaux or Steward, we would be down to only 1 TE if we redshirt Biere.I am glad to see that we have at least a handful of recruits talented enough to come in and contribute immediately. That's a testament to the upgrade in recruiting that we have experienced.-------We use three tackles, not three tight ends. Most teams go with three TEs though. I think they'll play wait and see, same with Leuken. If a TE or OT goes down, expect the redshirt to be burned.

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KU football releases depth chart

I wouldn't knock their RBs. We'd be happy to have Derrick Washington in the stable. Illinois can win, all the pressure is on Mizzou.

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KU football releases depth chart

Or how much weight Daniel gained.

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Biding his time

The depth chart is being released by HCMM today. My guess is it runs as "breaking news" and is updated today.

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