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KU senior guard Reed adds physical therapy internship to busy summer schedule

What pointless commentary from the peanut gallery...How about we focus on Reed? The kid is working hard and is putting a lot of time into his game and his career. Good things are in store for him.

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Ready to rumble: KU football eager to put pads on

Is Dugan gone?

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KU lands four-star cornerback

Great news. The big boys were on him hard, impressive that Gill beat out LSU.

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Cliff's Notes version: Mark Mangino press conference, 11/24/09

Mangino spends most of his time at practice belittling Stuckey for his extra-curricular activities and community involvement. Funny to see what a little bad press can do to change a man.

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Standards have been lowered

How long till this trash comes down? It has already had a day and a half of run...someone update this space with an actual SPORTS story.

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Standards have been lowered


My statement was a sweeping generalization, I apologize for that.

My larger point is that Keegan is out of touch. Too far out of touch to dive into this subject without first doing some research..IMO.

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Standards have been lowered

Do you have any grasp of the cultural differences between 20 something african americans and 50 something middle/upper-class Caucasian males?

I am sorry, but this column is just ignorant and should have died with your editor.

Go have a frank a conversation with any teacher in the KCK or KC MO school district and learn some perspective before your broadcast this garbage.

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Football recruits, look up

Corporate branding is also part of marketing num nuts, the thought is valid..not all marketing is about selling tickets.

Interesting thought Tom, I'd like to see more excitment for KU football around the Wichita area.

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All grown up

"You need pretty quick tackles in this league to contain speed on the edge," Warinner said. "And in today's defenses, a lot of them place defensive tackles over the guards, so people are going to bigger and bigger guards."Coach W said this back in the day-from the link that was provided. Doesn't look like we're adhering to that strategy anymore. Our tackles are big, but not very quick.

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A bad, bad Bull

get his shot...

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