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Newton takes post as Timberwolves’ GM

Congratulations Milt. Love those winning ways when you played at KU and you are still doing it.

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Looking for more: Ben McLemore says he fixed his shot

Really hope Ben's shot shows up tonight.

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Florida Gulf Coast has become America’s Team

How sad that someone on the JW staff is moron enough to buy into this America team crap. Let the sheeple follow along.

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KU search may look for current head coach

a lot of what KU is able to do in its search depends on how openings at Texas A&M, North Carolina and Arizona State are filled first.

.What am I missing here. Why is it that KU has to wait for these other schools to fill their HC positions.

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Report: Lon Kruger accepts offer to coach Oklahoma

Great hire for OU. Kruger is a proven winner.

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What does cluster in Big 12 standings say about league? A look ahead to KU-Nebraska

whats up with this roses and bachelor thing? who are these people?

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KU football recruits impressed by talent of class

Yes you are right Hawktopia, I still miss Ol' Roy.

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One-and-done? Josh Selby one of six-plus college basketball players who may bolt quickly

Personally I hope Selby does leave. Not because he is ready to move on but because someone could fill his spot with the Jayhawks who has true potential. Rigth now Selby would have trouble making the scout team in the NBA developmental league.

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Marcus Morris: ‘We beat ourself’

Selby reminds me of Brandon Rush. Maybe for the same reason. Having some issues with the left handed smoke in his head. Definitely tends to impair ones judgement.

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KU women fall in Big 12 opener, 61-57, to Texas Tech

One loss does not a season make. KU faithful should stay the course.

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