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Three's Company: Jayhawks hit record 17 3-pointers to top Texas

Good win i just hope preston comes back to help add some balance under the boards that's the only thing we're missing at this point we're riding azubuike pretty hard

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Perimeter-oriented attack carries KU past Georgia

This front court is starting to worry me Lucas has seemed to regress a bit, and Bragg can't establish him self consistently and the fact that a 6'8 240 pound pf was able to keep our bigs in foul trouble is a problem we are almost better letting udoka start and taking our lumps with him this year.

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Time to explode: Josh Jackson carries KU in KC

Josh baptized that kid with that dunk ain't it wasn't even sunday

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D-day arrives: Jayhawks to learn draft fate tonight

DIALLO TAKEN BY THE CLIPPERS!!! He actually went where he was projected top of the second round

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LeBron James sings Jayhawks' praises following Cavs' victory parade in Cleveland

LeBron has stated that he doesn't like, just sending his son scholarship offers this early I think part of the reason why we were able to sign Andrew Wiggins is because we didn't over-pursue him like a lot of colleges did I think Bill self will take the same approach with this

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Diallo conveys thanks to fans

I'm not mad at you 1 bit diallo go get paid thank you for being a jayhawk!!!!!!

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Diallo has big day at NBA Combine

I really wish Bill had given diallo jamari's minutes

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Top-ranked senior Josh Jackson picks Kansas

When they describe how good of a kid he is and his character he sounds a lot like wiggins

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Top-ranked senior Josh Jackson picks Kansas

Wiggins ave 16 a game 19 a game for josh seems high but if he's efficient maybe

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Top-ranked senior Josh Jackson picks Kansas

Funny when we get the number one recruit in the nation no one is complaining about how he's a one-and-done everyone's happy LMAO! Welcome to Kansas mr. Josh Jackson

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