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Should KU fans stop shouting "home of the Chiefs" after the national anthem?


Freedom is not free, a very high price has been, and continues to be paid for us to have our freedom.

Freedom is fragile - it can disappear in the blink of an eye. I recommend honoring your freedom, cherishing it, and taking time to respect those who have given much for us to enjoy it.

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Tim Biere a quick study of Showdown

ESAD - Every Sheep a Date

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Collin Garrett called to duty

Congratulations Collin - keep up the great work - sounds like your Mom is a very special person!

Rock Chalk!

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Kansas football picks up ‘D’ pace

I am proud of you ahperse - you are finally looking at yourself in the mirror and facing the truth about yourself head-on. Bravo - keep up the good work, pretty soon you will no longer feel the need to post your "insights" on this board.

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Mizzou official: We wanted Big Ten, but we’ll take SEC

You should definitely change your user name to "SuperGeniusStudKnowerOfAll" - especially since your thoughts align with those of ESPN - live it, own it!

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'Beyond the Phog' excerpt: Wayne Simien on getting caught up in the college lifestyle

When God asked ahperse what kind of brain he wanted, he thought God said train and asked for a slow one.

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Less is more: Kansas football OL Jeremiah Hatch shows off trim(mer) frame

Congratulations Jeremiah! Thank you for representing KU - looking forward to seeing you move the line this year!

Keep smiling and working hard!

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QB Brock Berglund, coach Turner Gill both in a pickle

"I know we already have at least one thing in common, that being an apparent aversion to spring and summer conditioning workouts".

Oh come on Tom, don't be so hard on yourself - I'm sure that you put in your fair share of 12 oz curls!

Ahperse - you may try and deny it, but you're the biggest homer of all (of what I don't know). By the way, what "truth" are you referring to - the fact that Brock and Tom share a name - you're right, that does kind of hurt.

Have a great day everyone (hopefully we get some rain soon)!

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Kevin Young eager to bulk up at KU

“We’ll have to see how Coach feels about that."


“I like helping out a lot,” Young said, “and just being a part of the student population as well as the basketball (team).”

The more I hear, the more I like! Welcome to Kansas Mr. Young!

P.S. Only a suggestion, but it would be nice if we could move on from the "recruiting scandal" comments.

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Bill Self confident KU hoops will remain atop league standings

Ya, he pretty much sucks ("foolish" is another great way to describe him), doesn't know what he is talking about (never did), and he can't seem to tell the truth to boot!

Maybe we could land a stud-of-a-guy like, I don't know...Keith Miles 05 - now there is a guy that knows his stuff!!!!

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