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Lineman Stowers finds right path at Kansas


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HoopTube: New video technology boon to KU men's basketball

I had the same questions. The article seemed to imply (although subtly) that the system has the ability to index the plays and players, which would support the time savings idea.

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Early returns on, off field positive for KU juco transfer Sendish

Mr. Sendish appears to be an excellent young man. KU will be well represented in Dallas by these Jayhawks.

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KU football adds Miami Ohio wide receiver Nick Harwell

Recommend changing your user name to "GuyWhoNeverDidAnythingHeRegretted"

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Opinion: Kansas juco DL Chris Martin shoots straight

I like the new persona for the D - looking forward to him shootin' his moves and getting to QB.

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Opinion: Kansas juco DL Chris Martin shoots straight

...and the team with most points at the end of the game should win...thanks for stating nothing.

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Kansas football spring practice (April 2)

Love Coach Campo's air guitar. Looking forward to the spring game!

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High hopes for Jake Heaps

I'm guessing that amatxjayhawk was making reference to ah"perse"coachingexperiemce, and not Gale Sayers.

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With no help from its shooting, KU grinds out 74-55 victory over Southeast Missouri

Team chemistry looks good - should be great by January. Last season there seemed to be two events that got Withey going - 1) His haircut, and 2) Tyshawn Taylor reaching out to him.

In other news...

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KU safety Bradley McDougald credits big brother for perspective in tough times

Excellent story Matt - thank you!

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