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Talk KU hoops with beat writer Gary Bedore

Gary, based on your knowledge and observations of college basketball as a whole, do you see an end in sight to the "one-and-done" player?

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Big Vegas prep Zimmerman to visit for Late Night

I sent Gary a note telling him about the problem. You can do the same. Click on his name and follow the directions. :-)

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Big Vegas prep Zimmerman to visit for Late Night

Unless you have access to Gary Bedore, we will all just have to wait for him to see it and repost it.

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Big Vegas prep Zimmerman to visit for Late Night

Yes. Same thing is happening on my Mac. The post is obviously loaded incorrectly.

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Self says Ukrainian recruit will provide immediate impact

Any chance that Svia would receive a national ranking at some point?

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KU recruit Myles Turner keeping options open

Regarding Turner's pending choice … it seems to me that JoJo could realize that it's he that's holding up the show here. A little love for his Jayhawks would be nice. There is an old saying; "S _ _ _ or get off the pot!" Make a decision, JoJo.

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All this looking at the best players at certain positions during the Bill Self era has sparked a certain curiosity with me. Has anyone looked at the percentage of recruits who have attended "Late Night at the Phog" and committed to KU verses the total number of recruits that attended "Late Night at the Phog"? My question is, "how effective is attending this even with regard to recruiting? Would the percentage I'm looking for be of any real value in answering the question?

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KU freshman Ben McLemore earns All-America honors

Question to one and all. I look at the insane number of 5 star recruits headed for Kentucky and I have to wonder why. I'm not speaking about the "coaching". There's got to be more than that at work here. At the heart of my question is this ... is it fear? Are these recruits afraid of "shinning on their own"? Is it the guarantee of success that attracts them. Are they thinking, "I just want to get through this one year of college with a "shining moment" to point to as proof of my success and the best way to do that is to stack the odds. I don't know if I can do it on my own, so I'll join forces with other great talent . We dominate the field and insure that success for ourselves. This "no risk" approach requires less of me. I'm in.

What do you think fellows?

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First to ‘worst’: Lowly TCU stuns Jayhawks

My biggest frustration comes from watching Jeff and Travis play without (imho) passion. They both needed to step up. Isn't that what we all expected from Ty last year? Travis was just a "wall flower" waiting to asked to dance. How disappointing!

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Opinion: Leaving Big 12 doesn't make sense for KU now

I'm not as "up-to-speed" on the ins and outs of our league, and . . . therefore have no idea what this comment is in relation to. Can someone, more knowledgeable, please explain to me what a "granting-of-rights agreement" is? Thank you.

"the league also has the unanimously approved granting-of-rights agreement that ties the schools together much more tightly than even a $50 million dollar exit penalty ever could."

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