rawheadrex 12 years, 2 months ago

Why is there so damned much emphasis on athletics? Walt Wesley and Al Lopes lived in JRP. I was dormed there by accident. We had a class together in Speech under Tom Hedricks, the "sports" voice of KU. I used to see Gale Sayers almost daily on the footpaths between academic halls in 1964. I remember the civil rights protest in the late spring of 1965 about housing discrimination when black students occupied Strong Hall. The Chicago Bears sent attorneys to protect their investment when Sayers was arrested. I saw this. But there weren't throngs of FSN or ESPN ghouls shadowing their every step.
If higher education institutions in America must rely on the achievement of athletics to fund themselves while returning nothing to academics to survive while they simultaneously vomit "scholars" educated without the ability to think then no amount of alarm will wake them. Americans should begin language courses in Chinese and Arabic. Athletics will have a small place at the table.

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