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Matt Tait's KU football notebook: KU running game solid again

#9 is Keeston Terry.

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Best for last: D.J. Beshears caps wild victory

No, they should not have because if they would have scored and had offensive holding and no time left, the game would be over and they would not get another chance. If they have one second left, they still would get another play. It was smart to save some time.

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KU to a bowl game? It’s possible

Your comments are asinine and you have no clue what kind of coach Gill is or what type of program he is running.

How many practices have you attended? Meetings? How much do you know about what it takes to run a college football program?

Shut the f$%& up.

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KU to a bowl game? It’s possible

+million. Dumbest college football fans in the entire country.

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KU to a bowl game? It’s possible

I am with you actorman. He wasn't as great as some revisionists would like to make him out to be. Sick of his name even being brought up. It serves no purpose.

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Heavy heart: Brother’s memory motivates Tunde Bakare

He is doubtful for next week.

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Former KU running back Deshaun Sands pleads guilty in municipal court case

I get a kick out KU football bans who call Gill "soft" and a "nice guy", but when he dicsplines someone or kicks them of the team for SEVERAL violations, they criticize him for that too. Worst fans in America, bar none!

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Early optimism natural

You are clueless and have no idea how Gill is with the team and his ability to communicate.

A typical KU football fan who doesn't have a clue what they are talking about.

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K-State has gaping void at RB

Have to find an article in the Hutchinson paper that actually has the RB situation correct at K-State.

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Separated at birth? Jayhawks say tackle Tanner Hawkinson looks like Ricky Bobby

Yeah, the Seth Rogen from 40 year old virgin when he was heavier.

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