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Turning a corner? KU finally wins close one in improbable 13-10 victory over LA Tech

Combs and a few other redshirts were sitting in the stands.

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Offensive lineman Pearce Slater hasn't returned to KU

Combs is backing up Stowers, who had the best camp of all the DL, and maybe all of the defense. It isn't a bad thing. Stowers has really improved.

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Under the radar: Five Jayhawks who could surprise

He's gone. He went back to his juco.

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Opinion: Don’t sell Weis short for choice of words

Keegan, this is by far the best article you have ever written with regards to KU Football. It is on the money. Kudos.

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Former KU football assistant Ed Warinner on the rise at Ohio State

Nice try Keegan in trying to make Mangino look better in that fiasco.

"During that time, prominent players came to Mangino’s defense and a few past players who played obscure roles publicly criticized their former coach."

I wouldn't call guys that started for two or three years and that made All Big-12, players who played obscure roles. Joe Mortensen and Dexter Fields are two that come to mind.

Also, notice how he talked about how he liked coaching with everyone else, but gave a very political answer about Mangino.

Warinner was asked if he thought Mangino’s treatment of players was too harsh.

“Our practices were exactly what I think they should be,” Warinner said. “They were tough, physically demanding and got the most out of the players. And I think it forced them to become mentally and physically tough, and it showed by the way they played on the field over a long stretch there. I feel really good about the way we played and the way we trained our players.”

He never said one thing in particular about Mangino in his answer. He was very careful how he worded it.

Considering Warinner is one of the coaches that actually gave evidence to Perkins, I am not surprised how he handled your attempt to persuade opinion.

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'Coach': Despite missed tackle, KU dials 'exactly correct call' on Rice's fourth-down conversion

If he breaks down to make the tackle, it is highly unlikely he makes a first down without dragging them to do it. Very poor fundamentals. It happens when you are trying sooo hard to get the win because you are not used to winning.

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Report: Kansas football contacts Penn State linebacker

We need talent in a bad way. Weis knows if he can win a few and be lose in others then he can recruit better players. No better way to make that happen then to pick up transfers, both Juco and other Universities.

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Morningstar: KU high-flier McLemore the 'spitting image' of Brandon Rush

This site really does have lazy, unrealized articles. Put a little bit of effort into this article and it could be decent. I honestly don't think I can read another article written by a Mizzou or Marquette graduate! Who's worse, Stephen A. Smith, Jim Rome, JT the Brick, or Tom Keegan?

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2006-2007 Jayhawks to be enshrined in KU Hall of Fame

Pierce had a damn good 3-point shot. He fell due to rumors that Roy Boy didn't help squash. I am not going to mention them, but his falling had nothing to do with his abilities.

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Charlie Weis shows national scope

Mason put more guys in the NFL than Mangino. Mason and his staff were much better recruiters.

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