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KU, Mizzou fans face off in food drive challenge

Anyone hearing the rumors out of BYU hoping for a Big XII invite now that the conference is stable and their dancing with the Big Least is over?? We can add them, Boise State, Louisville and ND and be happily at 14...we all know that the Big XII allows for independent TV contracts and the conference would be the strongest in most athletics and academics,

I'm just saying.......

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Realignment Today: 5:50 p.m. - More signs point to Big 12 liking 10 as U.S. government gets involved

THIS JUST IN >>>> The Big East trades the Big XII Louisville, WVU and a 12-Pack of Bud Light for naming rights to the Big XII Conference Championship and a Texas school to be named later!!! In response the ACC has agreed to switch places with the Pac-infinity for 83 hurricane shutters and earthquake insurance...Also ESPN sources reveal that the New York Mets will be the 2012 Super Bowl Champions in a new crossover league.

Can anyone even take these bozos seriously anymore!!?!?!?!?!?!

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Realignment Today: 5:50 p.m. - More signs point to Big 12 liking 10 as U.S. government gets involved

I sure hope you are right..if I was WVU and we had an agreement in principle I would be PISSED

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Realignment Today: 5:50 p.m. - More signs point to Big 12 liking 10 as U.S. government gets involved

Great, now we have a possibility of pissing off WVU, a viable memeber, and possibly losing the opportunity because UT and OU will get their collective panites in a bunch if we also decide to add L'ville....hmm, consider this, we add WVU like we apparently verbally promised and add L'ville as the 11th school..maybe Mizscrewloose will reconc=sider and we get 12 teams or if they leave we deal with 11 very good memebers who WANT to be with the BXII. Worse case scenario, we screw around like we are and lose both WVU and L;ville because we appear as f^%ked up as we probably are !!

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Beware of the Frogs: TCU officially accepts invitation to join Big 12

Welcome TCU and SCREW MIZZOU....dont let the door hit ya on the way out to the SEC !!! and I also want to be the first to say welcome to Louisville, WVU and BYU!!!

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Do you want Missouri to remain a part of the Big 12 conference?

SCREW MIZZOU and a happy welcome to TCU. Looking forward to playing you guys and to welcoming Louisville and BYU hopefully soon too !!!

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Realignment Today: 9:41 p.m. - KS board of regents to meet Thursday; Beebe speaks; and OU, UT authorize presidents to act

OK, will someone please explain to me why we are wringing our hands about the re-alignment issue? We knew it was coming..big $$ dictated this years ago. Also, why do I keep sensing the dissing of the might Jayhawk BB Nation?? KU baslketball will be welcome wherever we land and football can only benefit fomr a conference re-alignment situation since it will force us to take a look at how we recruit etc.

Let's be honest fellow Hawks. No matter where we land we will RCJH and still be a classy and well respected university. ACC would be fin for the bball rivalries with UNC and DOOk as would the PACINFINITY. Big East = Big Mistake and Big XII even with BYU and AF is not vote would be for the B1G with KSU and ISU, Sure the markets may be smaller, but the rivalries and the income from a cumulative Midwest regional conference TV deal would be rewarding fo rthe likes of ESPN. Add to that pour ability to play in the Central time zone (mostly) and our recruiting wouldn't take any major hits.

Bottom line is that no matter what we will be fine.

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City prosecutor reveals details of Mario Little's diversion agreement

Yahweh, love your phot/avatar of the HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter!!

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