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Far from perfect: Jayhawks survive Wolverines in OT

I believe that was Marcus that referred to that shot as the biggest of the game not Bill

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Break in action: KU commitment Julius Green uses time off as motivation to get ahead

he will be like a red shirt freshman, you get 5 years to play 4, he didn't play this year so he still has 4 years of elegibility

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Having All the Right Pieces, Can Self Put Them Together in Time for a Title?

I would like to keep seeing trob come off the bench. This guy is a great energy guy, just like Darrel arthur was in 08. I don't see keif being that type of energy guy off the bench that we need. This is just what I see and why I think lied gets the start over trob. Also I don't think we lost in 07 because darnel was coming off the bench, I think we won because Arthur was much better in his sophomore year than in his feshman year.

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Harder edge in order

5-7 season and we lost all our offensive weapons and our best defensive player. Our offensive line was bad last year as well. There is reason why this team had so many questions about it.

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KU still can win four, but only if …

umm, i think you got it confuse, by getting a bowl birth we actually get more time to practice and get the system than if we didn't.

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Huskers are back: Pelini says 'culture' has taken hold

"...And, while we're at it, at least Nebraska's favorite cheer doesn't consist of stringing together random words that happen to rhyme with "hawk,"..."

ignorant much?

A simple google search will yield that Rock and Chalk where not just thrown in there because they rhyme with Jayhawk. The rock and chalk were put in because there is limestone rocks, which is also refereed to as chalk rock, around The University of Kansas' campus.
U.S. president Teddy Roosevelt called it the greatest college chant he had ever heard. Kansas troops have used it in the Philippine-American War in 1899, the Boxer Rebellion, and World War II. In the 1920 Summer Olympics, Albert I of Belgium asked for a typical American college yell, and gathered athletes replied with the chant. That sure beats go big red, how much did it hurt to think of that chant? And what significance does lil' red have to do with being a husker?

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Wizards fans should love Hinrich

Aww i replied to his post before i read all the way down, I believe this is correct.

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Wizards fans should love Hinrich

I believe Kirk did take the last shot, after Lee's shot got blocked out of bounds Kirk had the shot after that. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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Could Allen Fieldhouse host an NCAA Tournament play-in game?

Oregon is out because they built a new stadium.

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Remarkably, Kansas has stayed the course

memhawk, lol you sound like the Olympic commercials with that thanks moms! comment. hope you were going for that!

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