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Cliff Alexander situation remains in stalemate

Why would the attorney be concerned with it coming KU's way? NCAA has no legal authority prosecute anybody over any documents, all they can do is withhold Alexander's eligibility. That's what is happening now anyway, so it really wouldn't hurt his clients to turn the documents over. Best case they could work something out or wouldn't hold Cliff accountable, worst case he's declared ineligible from further NCAA athletics and declares for the draft. Not sure I see how it hurts his clients to give them the documents. It might be better for KU if they never do, so I appreciate it if that is their concern. I think the concern is to save face for his mom, which is understandable also.

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Bill Self, Jayhawks turn their focus toward postseason

There were definitely some naysayers back in the day that were certain Lucas wouldn't stay at KU long, be another transfer out that couldn't get PT. Well, I admit, perhaps had Walker or Turner or both or other bigs come to KU things could be different. At the moment he might be the best true post up threat on the team and is definitely a solid contributor that could be a huge key to success in the post-season this year. Thanks for all the hard work Landen, I'm glad picking KU has been a good decision for you. Even had you transferred out after a year or two I'm sure you would have gained a ton of valuable practice and experience under Self's staff, instead you're getting big opportunities at KU, very happy for the big man.

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Bill Self: A negative ruling on Cliff Alexander would keep him out of NCAAs

$6M is a lot of money to turn down and take any risks with

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Bill Self: A negative ruling on Cliff Alexander would keep him out of NCAAs

I may be mistaken but I was under the impression the NCAA investigation ultimately led it to believe Memphis was aware something may have been wrong with Rose's test score. There may also be some differences in who and how SAT/ACT scores are examined vs. high school transcripts (though I guess you'd think colleges are used to examining both to some extent since most students aren't going through the clearinghouse). Or it could simply be that Memphis and Rose ticked the NCAA off with inappropriate travel for his brother and Derrick not responding to their inquiries? I just remember reading a quote from someone, I thought an NCAA official, stating that KU would not be held accountable as the transcripts for Arthur were vetted by the NCAA and not KU. Certainly if Memphis didn't know about the test scores and you take out anything else they may have done illegally in regards to Rose, I don't think that punishment is fair at all. I'm under the impression there was more to it than declaring him ineligible after the fact and taking all the school accomplishments away.

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Bill Self: A negative ruling on Cliff Alexander would keep him out of NCAAs

WCS may still have not left, Dakari Johnson would be a big time NBA prospect right now if he were at KU. But it isn't even that they've been able to keep some of those guys around, they're able to recruit guys like Towns and Lyles in spite of having WCS and Dakari there. Calipari has had a long list of guys that could have sat around for a year and played XBox that would have gone lotto, he's got just as long of a list of guys that people thought would be one and done that weren't. Probably the only guy at UK that I was impressed by his improvement was Bledsoe. Maybe guys like Harrelson/Liggins/Miller for getting drafter at all (2nd Rd). Then you've got guys like Daniel Orton that got nothing out of going to UK. Alex Poythress is a Junior, he was ranked the #2 PF in his class. Does anybody even remember that the #6 player overall Trey Lyles is playing at UK this year? Yeah, he'll probably go pro 'cause he's too talented to not but yeesh, some team will draft him and people won't even know who the heck he is. He's 6'10" 235 with 10 blocks all season. ESPN ranked Johnson the #1 Center in his class. They'll have the #1 Center in the class of 2013 coming back as a Junior next year. Can you imagine if KU could get a #1 prospect at any position to return for a 3rd year? UK is the only school that can get guys with those rankings to keep coming in spite of how many of them have spent most of their time riding pine at UK and not improving their draft prospects.

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Bill Self: A negative ruling on Cliff Alexander would keep him out of NCAAs

Yeah I feel the headline should be "no ruling" will keep Alexander out for the season.

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Bill Self: A negative ruling on Cliff Alexander would keep him out of NCAAs

I don't think you are considering the number of "one and dones" at UK that have played 2-3 years there. If anything Self's problem has been that every time he gets a "one and done" they are done after 1 year because he actually teaches them. You'd think that would catch up with UK and other schools, maybe Texas or BU or UF trying to recruit against us, but somehow it doesn't dawn on the Cameron Ridley and Myles Turners of the world that maybe they'd be much more successful going to KU. McLemore wasn't supposed to be a 1 year cbb player, Embiid wasn't ranked all that high leading into KU, but out the door they go. Tarc is still at UofA, Walker is still at UF, guys that might have been one and dones at KU. You can't just not recruit them though, if we had a sophomore Chris Walker right now we'd be friggin' amazing. Instead he's wasting away at UF getting 15mins/gm. Coaches like Donovan can downplay the talent all they want, he's not developing it. Tarc's offensive game at UofA is pretty much garbage.

On top of all that, had Embiid not been injured last year the tune would be completely different. KU had a very legit shot at winning the title last year if he's healthy. Then all of a sudden we're one of the big success stories of one and done winning a NC and sending 2 freshmen to go 1-2 in the NBA draft. Selby is the worst of our experiences so far, and even he played a big hand in winning a conference title that year. Others have been very successful players in the time they played.

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Bill Self: A negative ruling on Cliff Alexander would keep him out of NCAAs

It would be crazy to think that Kelly, Svi and Brennan would all leave at the same time. Obviously if 2 of the other 3 have left and you're the one remaining you realize how much opportunity you have next year. Only reason I think 2 of those 3 would leave is if a big time recruit was coming in next year.

The Alexander situation is really upsetting because he looked like he had the chance to be a TRob type contributor over several years and because if he does leave the minutes could have been used to develop Lucas. I hope it gets cleared up, really like the guy.

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Bill Self: A negative ruling on Cliff Alexander would keep him out of NCAAs

If there was no knowledge of academic ineligibility during the season KU would not have been penalized for Arthur. The academic fraud occurred at the HS level in I think his junior year. Not sure when they actually finished that investigation, but unless they finished it and deemed him to not have a HS diploma while he was at KU, his time at KU would have been untouched. In the long run they didn't take his HS diploma, so it had no effect on NCAA academic eligibility.

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Bill Self: A negative ruling on Cliff Alexander would keep him out of NCAAs

Suzi, Memphis and Cal knew during the season that the test scores had been rescinded, but either they thought Rose would be exonerated or they just felt it was worth it either way and chose to continue playing him. Self isn't willing to take risks like that at KU, Cal probably would never do that at UK either.

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