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NBA sizes up Alexander, Oubre

Cliff never played a ton of minutes period, but when he did obviously KU needed scoring around the rim. When you've got Perry Ellis at 4 it's pretty obvious who you want shooting out of the Hi-Lo post setup, it isn't Cliff, Landen or Jamari. His job as a freshman was definitely meant to be finishing strong at the hoop and it took a little while for him to start catching the ball so he could make that happen. Glad he's showing a jumper, but I never saw it in the McD AA game or at KU, maybe he got a lot of shooting practice in once he was held out of games. On the other hand had somebody like Padgett actually come to KU he would have taken a lot of jumpers early most likely. Arthur didn't waste much time showing off the J, neither did the Morrisi. I don't think Self cares what class you are in, if it's open and you have proven you can hit it in practice, he's more likely to yell at guys to shoot it rather than yell at them for pulling the trigger.

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Brannen Greene to undergo hip surgery

After KU lost Alexander, Lucas shot 70% from the floor the rest of the season. When you argue with math, you will lose.

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Cliff Alexander to leave KU after one season, enter NBA draft

Well it's not your team, if anything it's Self's team and they've been pretty productive during his tenure.

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Cliff Alexander to leave KU after one season, enter NBA draft

Doesn't change the fact that Duke has had a favorable whistle for decades, particularly in respect to KU, so I don't see your point at all.

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Cliff Alexander to leave KU after one season, enter NBA draft

Just what state is that? So according to you KU is doomed with Mason, Graham, Selden, Greene, Ellis, Lucas, Mickelson, Traylor, Bragg? I feel a lot better about that lineup going into next year than I did the lineup coming into '14-15. Oubre had a positive impact on Selden and Lucas looks to have a much better season next year than Alexander had this year if given the chance, not to mention Mason and Graham will be deadly together. Relax...maybe you were being facetious?

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Cliff Alexander to leave KU after one season, enter NBA draft

Self has consistently had players at or above their expected draft levels and usually on or ahead of any schedule anyone expected. Did you expect Oubre to be a top10 pick out of HS? Expect TRob to be top5 or BMac or were people touting Embiid as a top3 pick coming into college? Please, get a clue, grow up, leave civilization to immerse yourself in ridiculous theories, whatever you see fit, just don't post here among reasonable human beings.

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Cliff Alexander to leave KU after one season, enter NBA draft

In a couple years he'll be one of those PF's you can count on to finish when the playmakers get him a good shot. A lot of guys have made careers out of being solid defensive rebounders and finishing fairly easy shots around the rim.

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Cliff Alexander to leave KU after one season, enter NBA draft

Yeah and Rob Bedford and Bryce Landon are actual KU fans. KU can't bank on getting the benefit of the whistle every game like Duke can. Go back and watch "Jay-Will" draw calls on a superior Kirk Heinrich their freshman year, it's pathetic to watch Duke "basketball" and several teams from the NE have made a complete mockery of the sport. Did you ever see Emeka Okafor get called when he didn't actually foul someone at UConn? Everyone has a bad call go against them occasionally...unless they are part of certain programs. But yeah, K is just really good, neither he nor his mentor were exceptional at getting refs to give them a favorable whistle.

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KU’s Oubre ‘ready’ to enter NBA Draft

You're right Michael, your comment warrants a lot of negative response. Calipari has more loyalty? You mean when his guys are ready to go pro they don't out of loyalty to their coach? There's nothing to back that up, Cal gets a ton of talent, he doesn't develop it the way Self does and that talent ends up returning because it can't make it in the NBA draft, that's the bottom line. Also he continuously gets more of the OAD talent than Self (there you can speculate on the reason) but guys like Wall, Cousins, Noel, AD, MKG, Randle don't play harder for Cal than they would Self, they are just really, really good and he has them in handfuls. Then he gets a ton of 5 star and generally top10 players that don't make it to the pros until after 3 or 4 years. Part of it is they don't have the opportunity to shine the way an Oubre does when the team isn't as stacked but most of it is Cal doesn't develop the talent as well as Self does. If Oubre is at UK this year he's going pro at the end of the year, just like James Young did after his freshman year.
Do ask Archie Goodwin how loyal he feels to Calipari, dude couldn't get off that team quickly enough, go ask Kyle Wiltjer.

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Brannen Greene gets a three to drop

Yeah, 'cause we didn't need his 5/5 3pt shooting, 19pts @Georgetown, or 2/3 and 12 pts @BU or 3/4 and 12 against OU and 17/23 from OU through TTech during which we won 3 of our 4 Big12 road games. Yeah, we needed Brennan Greene pretty bad this year, and he stepped up big time. Only loss he really struggled in was @KSU.
Greene has the highest offensive rating on the team and 4th highest in the conference.

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