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Big stage: Jayhawks wary of Spartans, Valentine

so true

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Column: Brannen Greene has ups and downs in road win

How can a KU team play as well as they did at Texas and the next game they did not even look like a good high school basketball team. I think Mr. Miller hit it right on the head, they are not sure who they are playing for and the tradition of BB at KU. Most of the mistakes looked like someone who has not played much BB. I am talking about all that have the uniform on. Then sometimes it appears, on their face, they really don't care about the mistake that was made

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Jayhawks head different directions for holiday break

I have followed the Hawks since 1946, and I believe the games against Kentucky and Temple were the worst of any game I have ever seen KU play. Just by watching them, it appears they did not have any desire to improve and get better in those games. Howeve I know the tournament is not here yet, and they could get things together and be a contender

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Elite forces: KU dispatches ’Pack; UNC next

You are so right, how can a player that might be considered an All-American have the ball taken away from him just pass the 10-second line.......of course this was not the only turnover........

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Awfully close: Kansas barely holds on

This is so correct........have watch the Hawks all year, I get the feeling after they have a big lead, they go to "street ball" and each one (except for a few) attempts to play their own game and see what they can do to get response from a crowd. Thought the article hit it right on the head.

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Stats say Taylor deserves Cousy mention

TT makes mistakes on his own, he loses the ball three or four times a game without being pushed by defense or having anyone around him. Do not think a point guard should lose the ball on their own and with out being pushed, yet he does it 3 or 4 times per game. Just do not think he has a true mind at times in what he is suppose to do. At times he tries to go too fast, he is very good, but not one of the top five

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Miserable ending: MU’s 11-0 end run dooms Jayhawks

I am 80 years old and have followed basketball, played it, coach it, and officiated it. KU was not beaten, they lost it by some poor plays, Robinson should have thru the ball back out instead of taking the second shot, they could have run off another 30 seconds, then was not sure what Taylor was doing dribbling the ball toward the sideline and lost his balance. I am not a Missouri fan, and since there is a lot of talk about the officials, look at the number of times they called steps on Missouri in the first half, I believe it was five or six, there was only one that was right.........I think the officials were wrong every time they blew the whistle

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FINAL: KU runs away in second half of 70-42 victory over South Florida

It appears that the players are not always putting out their complete efforts........for TT, anyone playing major college ball should not be making the type of turnovers that he does. I have viewed a lot of major college basketball in my life, TT is not a great player, he can score sometimes very good, but there is more to the game than that.

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St. Louis prep Ben McLemore commits to Kansas


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FINAL: KU clinches outright Big 12 title with 70-66 victory over Missouri

CBS took the game off at 2:40 left here in Springfield, Mo. In all my years of watching basketball on TV, I cannot recall a game being changed that was that close for a game that did not mean anything...........CBS sinks

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