Wayne Seymour phogku

Wayne Seymour phogku


Wayne Seymour 13 years, 9 months ago

Even though I have not posted comments, I never fail to read the Lawrence Paper and all the news about KU

Wayne Seymour 13 years, 6 months ago

We watch all the KU games on TV and then read all about the game from the internet after pulling up the Lawrence paper. I wish Collins would just play basketball and forget about being the team leader and that he has to do many things. I am 77 and have followed KU since 1946 and I can't remember any player talking about being a team leader like Collins has. There were team leaders, but one never heard about it from them, it gets disgusting to hear and read that Collins did not lead the team well enough and he always spends more talking about that than some of the errors he makes in a game that might have help the lose. I wish Coach Self would just tell Collins to play basketball and I will be the team leader.........we wish them great success in the big one, and please do because my wife is hard to live with after a KU lose.

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