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Will KU limit turnovers against a passive Iowa State D?

Not sure I see much hope for a #1 seed no matter what. But if we lose tonight, we're still in the thick of the Big 12 race. Remember KSU still has to play at Stillwater. (In fact, they still have to play at Baylor, too, though the Bears have been horrible lately.)

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Prosecutor alleges KU basketball players got pot from dealer

It's really only an issue if the goal of the prosecutors is to charge KU players. That's clearly not the purpose of the investigation. It's possible that the U.S. attorney will want to make an example of KU players and will want to get the defendant to testify against KU players. If that happens and KU players are charged or otherwise become the focus of the investigation, then this story becomes a much, much bigger deal. But there's no evidence to that effect yet. In fact, prosecutors typically get defendants to testify against other drug dealers who are higher up the distribution food chain, not go down to the end users.

It's not clear that this will become a big scandal (despite the KC Star's over-the-top efforts), at least with what we know so far.

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Prosecutor alleges KU basketball players got pot from dealer

Maybe. Look at those who have been suspended in the recent past for other possibilities. But I think the U.S. attorney is much more concerned about drug dealers than small-time customers.

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Prosecutor alleges KU basketball players got pot from dealer

The defendant is not spewing accusations of any kind. The prosecutor said that among the defendant's customers are multiple KU basketball players. But as far as I can tell, the players are not the subject of the investigation. They're going after multiple distributors. I doubt the U.S. attorney is inclined to spend his time prosecuting a few small-time buyers. The only worry might be that he would pursue KU basketball players because of their prominence in the community. But if he had hard evidence of purchases, my guess is that he would have charged them by now. Any lawyers care to weigh in on this?

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Prosecutor alleges KU basketball players got pot from dealer

We really don't know whether this is bad news at all. It's mildly embarrassing, yes, but no players appear to be targeted in this. Besides, we've had player suspensions, which is the typical punishment for this sort of thing. If multiple players were arrested and accused of distributing the drug, that would be much, much worse.

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Prosecutor alleges KU basketball players got pot from dealer

The Star's reporting of this issue seems a bit over the top. The accompanying editorial says it will "cripple" the KU program. Really?

As far as I can tell, no players have been arrested, and no players are targets of the investigation. Or am I wrong about that?

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KU men's basketball team records 6th straight perfect APR score

Oops, I meant impressive. With errors like that, I probably wouldn't cut it on the basketball team.

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KU men's basketball team records 6th straight perfect APR score

This is extremely impressed. Well done, Coach Self!

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Bad move, Mizzou

This is a poor move by the Tigers, one already panned by many in the national media. They've sacrificed many years of tradition for a slightly larger payout and worse odds of competing regularly in football. They've walked away from a conference affiliation with their main rival. I would guess that Missouri will now challenge Ol' Miss and Vanderbilt for one of the least relevant athletic programs in the league. And my guess is that most fans of the SEC don't see this as an especially strong move.

What's worse, Missouri has looked extremely foolish over the past two years. They started this mess with their open flirtation with the Big 10, only to be left behind when Nebraska got the invitation. Nebraska has said they never would have considered the Big 10 had Missouri not made such a public plea to change. And now, instead of working to make the Big 12 more stable and successful, they leave for the perceived greener pastures of the SEC. Just as Nebraska and Colorado are finding this year that competing in their new leagues doesn't automatically bring all the benefits they had hoped, Missouri will be the SEC school no one really cares about.

While I think this is a foolish decision by MIssouri, one that they've handled very poorly, I suppose it is also true that many KU fans would now be fine with leaving the Big XII for other options. As of today, the Big XII is not what it once was, and adding WVU and TCU doesn't exactly make up for the longstanding rivalries that have now departed. I still think the Big 10 would be a great fit for us, but the fact is that the Big 10 is not currently expanding, and we don't have a realistic shot at a better league affiliation. Even if we were to leave, we'll never have the Midwest hub of KU, K-State, Missouri, and Nebraska that was so important to the Big 8, to the Big 12 North, and to the Kansas City area. And no matter how dumb Missouri is, the loss of those conference rivalries is, well, sad.

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Realignment Today: 1:51 p.m. - Circus atmosphere surrounds Big 12 once again

I continue to be baffled by the fact that BYU is considered a longshot. BYU has the best academic ranking (by far) of the schools being considered. It also has the best overall athletic program, including a national championship in football (granted, it was in the '80s, but neither WVU or Louisville have one). BYU also has a much larger national following that any of the other schools in the mix. If geography is a concern, then let's stop the talk of SDSU, which would definitely be a stretch (and besides, BYU had much more fan support and much greater athletic success than SDSU in the Mountain West).

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