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KU junior Tyon Grant-Foster enters transfer portal

In my honest opinion, not many of us are qualified to evaluate elite talent, as we see 30 some games annually, and in TFG case very few minutes in each game. HCBS and staff are constantly evaluating, teaching, and coaching. This year, I would estimate the coaches spent more time with player, “in the bubble”, than they normally do. It would be tough for a TFG, JUCCO player to learn a new system, play defense, and continue to develope, did I mention play defense, which he rarely did to HCBS level of expectation? Good Luck to TFG and Enaruna, but neither ever impressed to the recruitment level that came with them. The transfer portal will or won’t work, time will tell, but it is a convenient excuse to exit a program because a kid can’t stick it out. The kid, 17-22, did after all commit to the team, but most of us didn’t know what we needed or wanted at that age anyway. HCBS will recruit talent, and more kids will leave in the future, but he is far better than Shaka Smart or Lon Kruger, who just couldn’t compete. Chris Bears has up and down years, and Scott Drew finally made a FF after 18/19 years at Baylor.... SMH, I will stick with Bill Self, and ask KU to give him a raise!

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Jayhawks rolled by Trojans in 85-51 defeat during Round 2 of NCAA Tournament

Wondering how many of the Chicken Little’s ever played D1 basketball? I would say none of them. Yes, I played small college basketball and the level of talent the KU players have is unbelievable. Throw in the rigors of academics, and being in a bubble for most of the season... what they achieved is unbelievable. Now having served as a leader of men in the US Army for 31 years, and dealing with 17-22 y.o, and having a 21 y.o son of my own.... at times they can’t find their ass with both hands. HCBS has a solid grasp of recruiting, and talent. He has also proved that he can change his style of play from year to year, if needed, and have some success. This is what happens when teams have the success that KU has had. KU will be back on top soon, but the Chicken Littles will always believe the sky is falling.

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Jayhawks rolled by Trojans in 85-51 defeat during Round 2 of NCAA Tournament

Here we go again with the sky is falling... thanks Chicken Little, now move along. HCBS made the most out of the Covid season. He took this team farther than they really should have gone. How easy is it to forget he is dealing with 17-22 y.o kids that are still growing and learning the game. How many of you wanted Marcus Garrett to quit shooting the ball a few years ago because he could hit a 3 to save his life? HCBS doesn’t generally hand the reigns over to a young player aka: Harris, but wait for it. I agree with the statement above bring back Danny Manning as a bigs coach, it couldn’t hurt, and he may be available. KU has recruits coming, they may not be a Wiggins, or a Jackson, but let them develop, be kids and enjoy the game. Yes, last nights game was hard to watch but it was USC, who are a good team, but at least it wasn’t a first round exit like Texas against Abil TX. I am looking forward to next years team and more HCBS coaching achievements.

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Jayhawks demolished by Red Raiders in worst conference loss under Bill Self

All is not lost, and the sky hasn’t fallen completely, however it is important to remember that 4 freshmen started and 1 first year player. These are for the most part kids, 18-20 y.o, playing on a national stage, with the weight of the KU world on them to bring home the 15th consecutive title. The last time a HCBS team saw a lights out shooting team like that was the final 4 loss to Nova! The team was prepared, but so was the team that lost to Nova, the difference was the experience of the players. Anything can happen in the Big 12 title race, and it isn’t over. I am betting that the Phog will be rock’n when K-St comes a knock’n, and The Hawks will either come out flat or with a chip on their shoulders. I would hate to be Bruce Weber coming into this environment.... the streak may eventually end, but this team will rebound and remember last nights loss. I am still a proud Jayhawk fan for life!

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Quick recap: No. 11 Kansas suffers 73-63 defeat at Texas

Barry is so right! A group of young men playing their first year of KU Basketball with no Senior leadership. Vick May be a senior but needs to be benched. How many careless passes, poor shot selection, and absolutely no defense, can HCBS take until he benches Vick? Lightfoot if given the chance needs to step up, Charlie, Grimes, and KJ must be completely awesome in practice to keep stealing minutes. This team needs to Rally, and Rally quickly, but as in past years it may come down to Wins and Losses in the Big 12. You have to want it more than the rest of the league, and everyone will bring their A game when against KU.

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Big night on big stage leaves KU's Lawson brothers beaming

I had been hoping that with both Lawson brothers coming to KU and finding success under HCBS, that it would trickle down to the other three brothers? Seems like Oregon had the upper hand in recruiting the next Lawson to D1 basketball. I am still hoping that HCBS works some recruiting magic on the youngest of the Lawson brothers? Glad to have K.J. and Dedric on board, going to need them for number 15 straight!

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Distant, early-season classics not always an indication of team's strength

Kent, first, thanks for thanking the men and women who have served and continue to serve our country. It is definitely an honor to do so. Second, for once I actually agree with Bias Bilas, and he didn't mention how great Duke or Carolina is in the same breath. It is way too early in the season to guess how great our young Jayhawks will be, and how they will fit into the overall picture that HCBS wants to see by year end. It's going to be a great year of college basketball, and it's about ready to get started!

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Slam-dunk decision: Ole Miss transfer Dwight Coleby coming to KU

Tony B., great points;

1] I don't have a clue about any of these kids. Nobody really does!

2] Bill Self knows more about basketball while mumbling in his sleep than I do having been a Jayhawk since 1966. HCBS knows basketball and knows what he is looking for!

Dwight is a great pickup, and won't be able to play until next season. I don't believe he received a scholarship, just grants and aid, but maybe I missed something. I am not sure that Chukwu will be able to play this season either? He may decide after his visit tomorrow.... Now let's look to the future 2016 recruits;

Rivals #2 Harry Giles 6'10 220 out of NC
Rivals #13 Udoka Azubuike 6'9 260
Rivals #29Marques Bolden 6'10 240 Desoto TX
Rivals #35 Schnider Herard 6'10 255 Plano TX recruited by Norm and Terrance
Rivals #36 Tony Bradley 6'10 235 Bartow FL recruited by Norm
Rivals #78 Rodney Miller 6'11 245 VA

These are just in the top 100 Centers and not counting the OAD and 5th year transfers or the other position players being recruited?

By my count KU still has one scholy left for 15 and will have scholarships available the following so let's let HCBS do what he does best coach and evaluate talent otherwise we would all be in the running for the IA State job and already have the next 11 straight Conf. Championship trophies lined up on a shelve with our NCAA National Championship Trophies....

Just my opinion.... tear it up ladies and gentlemen!

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Column: Addition makes Kansas Final Four contender

I will stand by my earlier post, "Don't count out HCBS in recruiting"! He has shown the ability to pull a recruit at the last minute ie; Wiggins, Svi (who was tracking him). These are just kids, and they make decisions based on alot of different things. There are still several others out there, Brown, Mack, maybe a Maker that may decide to come to KU. Mack as a long term project, and maybe Maker, who may not be eligible until December anyway? HCBS has alot of work to do to bring this squad together, but who else would you want as Head Coach? Not many of his caliber out there. Be happy that KU Nation wins and is still a blue blood, top 5 program.

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Malik Newman chooses Mississippi State

How many of us really knew what they wanted to do at age 17-19? They are living "yolo" and some may make a decision based on the color of jersey and number they look best in... I think Brett said it best, the top guys really know where they are going months in advance, but transfers and leaving for the NBA effects pt. KU has many irons in the fire, I had not heard that they were looking at Paschall or Grady? Chris Walker would be an interesting prospect? 6'10 and played under Donovan, maybe HCBS should make a trip to Florida? Rob, how can you say an international trip would hurt recruiting? Think about all that talent that is not noticed overseas. International trips like that puts KU front and center on the map.

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