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Matt Tait: What's next for Kansas after Tyty Washington commitment to Kentucky?

Great article Matt, always insightful!

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Marcus Garrett says goodbye to Kansas, declares for 2021 NBA draft

MG, you are all class and an All American! Wow, it seems like just yesterday you were a freshman and then a sophomore. I also remember all the Chicken Littles that said you could shoot, couldn’t play and wondered what HCBS saw in you. He ultimately saw a brilliant basketball mind and athlete. How many times have we heard HCBS say having Marcus on the floor was like having another coach on the floor. Marcus will always be remembered as a KU great! The great news is that he is living his dream, and that it may not have been possible without strong role models, family, coaches and friends. Looking forward to his success at the next level, wherever that is? I also look forward to the next bunch of new KU recruits, as our next super star may already be onboard. Rock Chalk Jayhawk, KU

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KU target Ty Ty Washington shares Bill Self's recruiting pitch in Instagram Live interview

You can never have enough quality guards that can shoot the ball! I think this was proven when Jalen Wilson broke his ankle after one of his first collegiate games. Let’s let HCBS do what he does best, coach and recruit players!

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Creighton's Christian Bishop IDs final 3, will pick between KU, Texas & UNC on Saturday

With Ochai and Wilson returning, and the new transfers, this team may be extremely talented and tough to beat! I am sure the Chicken Littles will say Ochai and Wilson are gone, HCBS can’t recruit, etc., etc.! With Roy gone at NC and Beard moving to TX, KU may be the landing spot for Bishop? Wouldn’t it be something if Garrett does decide to return? Next year’s team is looking better and better, every day!! Rock Chalk Jayhawk, KU!

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KU hoops commitment Kyle Cuffe Jr. reclassifies into 2021 class, will join Jayhawks for 2021-22 season

Next years team is shaping up rather well. I had no doubt that HCBS would recruit some athletic bodies to fill the holes left by the departing transfers.

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KU freshman Jalen Wilson to test NBA draft process while retaining college eligibility

Fire Bill Self, losing all his star players, and recruiting only players under 3 fr tall.... the sky is falling! Everyone in the starting 5 should be testing the NBA waters, except D-Mac who needs to heal his foot and prep for next season.

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Kansas basketball coach Bill Self signs lifetime contract extension with KU

Hear that......? That is the sound of Brett and Ted’s heads exploding!! Roflmao, I said give HCBS a raise.

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KU lands commitment from 3-time Division II All-American Cam Martin

His size reminds me of Baylor’s Vital, who has crushed KU at times, and can shoot a 3? Muscadin didn’t have the size and looked lost when he got in the game. I would take the word of a former player/ coach over some “rando in the comments section”, still chuckling at that one! Step away from the pipe Brett and Ted! Go root for IA St or K St, seems to be where your loyalty lies anyway. HCBS, a Hall of Fame Coach, knows talent and evaluates that talent daily. KU Basketball has a solid program that only other programs wish they could be; TX, Baylor, and OU. You don’t see Duke, NC, Kentucky, Michigan St, fans asking to remove their coaches after a deplorable season, which they all suffered this season! KU was the only blue blood that made it to a 2nd game of the tourney.

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Prep point guard from North Carolina commits to Kansas

Ted, you may have forgotten 6’7 Grady Dick from Sunrise Academy committed. Maybe he has some athleticism that KU has been missing?

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KU junior Tyon Grant-Foster enters transfer portal

Bill Self deserves a raise from the crack Bryce and the other chicken littles have been smoking! Give him a chance to produce. I mean geez he has only made the tourney every year he has been at KU, won countless Conference Championships, final fours, Elite Eights, and Sweet Sixteens, but that just isn’t enough is it? KU fans have become accustomed to winning, and consider this an off year and not a decent year with a weaker team. Ask Duke, NC, Mich St., and Kentucky what a bad year is. You don’t see their fans asking for their removal. Step away from the pipe, Bryce.

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