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'Alarming' trend: Number of college basketball transfers on the rise

If coaches are allowed to force players out, I see no reason why players can't transfer and play immediately.

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Playing it 'safe': Embiid chooses NBA’s millions

Safe decision, smart decision, right decision. If you win the Lottery on Saturday night, you go to the lottery office first thing on Monday morning and cash in your ticket. Why risk tearing an ACL in Ames playing for free, when you could be making millions and going out in LA, NYC, Chicago, Miami, etc?

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KU freshman Joel Embiid headed to NBA Draft

The real villains are the idiotic NBA GMs who wet their pants out of fear of missing out on the next Kobe, Garnett, or LeBron. They're the ones who started the speculation frenzy by drafting high schoolers on strictly "potential." The OAD rule is there to save themselves from their stupidity. Better to let players go right out of HS. The ones that know they need some work will come to college and go when they're ready, and not because they've labeled as a OAD. (I wonder if being tagged as a OAD becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy in some way.)

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KU freshman Joel Embiid headed to NBA Draft

You forgot Pierce.

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KU freshman Joel Embiid headed to NBA Draft

I wish JoJo all the best in the NBA. He was one of my favorites this year. But, to be honest knowing that he and Wiggins were going to go decreased my investment in the team (maybe that's a good thing). I forgot about the Stanford game the minute the horn went off and doubt I'll recall anything about this year. Part of the fun of the past years has been watching players TRob develop on and off the court or cheering as Releford got his chance. If they would've won the NC or gone to FF, it would've been great. But a second-round K.O. is a meh.

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Column: Embiid waits; public wonders

Texas greed and also the short-sightedness of some other schools.

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Column: ’Cats, Huskies like cats, dogs

Give the Devil his due. IMO, the only team that had a tougher road to the National Championship than UK this year was Villanova in '85.

This game also puts KU fans in a weird rooting spot, If UConn wins, they will have more NCAA NC's than KU. OTOH it would be almost impossible for KU to catch UK in titles in my lifetime: so one more doesn't make a difference.

But, just can't root for UK - Go Huskies.

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Column: March can seem like November for freshmen

Uh, weren't Anthony Davis and Melo freshman when they led their respective teams to National Championships over KU? This has nothing to with age or being a OAD. This has everything to do about stepping up and making an impact when you're touted as an impact player. The fact is that Wiggins did not step up in this game at all. Maybe he'll change his attitude (he doesn't have a bad one - just a passive one), but my guess is that he'll earn lots of money scoring lots of points in an NBA bottom-feeder like the Raptors. Then again, I don't know how long he'll stick considering that he is going into a grown man league where they beat on each other in 82+ games and he's still built like a teenager.

Embiid seems to have a good head on his shoulders and he may stay to develop physically and in terms of BB IQ.

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Stanford ends KU's season in round of 32, 60-57

I don't want to hear the 'at least we won the Big 12 this year' argument. The B12 is not a good BB conference except for KU. The conference will probably be out today or in the next round at the latest.

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Stanford ends KU's season in round of 32, 60-57

Hope the KU fans remained to cheer on WSU over kensucky. Rock Shock.

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