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J-W’s Tom Keegan to participate in mock selection

Keegan better give us a mock number one seed or I'm gonna be pissed!! Might as well give all Big 12 teams 1-3 seeds while we're at it.

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Notebook: Zach Peters to leave KU basketball program because of health issues

Best of luck Zach!

On a lighter note I can't believe that Jaybate hasn't already posted a 5 page summary of some sort of made up insight as to why Zach is leaving...c

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How former Jayhawks fared in Nov. 16 NBA games

It's great to see that Marcus is finally getting some meaningful playing time. He's really been making he most of his minutes as well.

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UNC's Roy Williams has surgery to remove tumor

Get well soon Coach Williams! You'll always be remembered fondly as a Jayhawk.

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Vitale lauds McLemore, Jayhawks in early ranks


I think you're technically right in terms of PRO but I also think your list needs clarification:

Jeff - NBA
EJ - Overseas
Travis - Overseas
Perry - Who knows - probable NBA
Zack - Who knows - probable Overseas

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KU baseball routs Saint Mary

I graduated from the university of Saint Mary in 2003...or saint Mary college as it was known then. Firstly, I can't believe the spires actually played KU. Secondly, 6-0 isn't a bad result for an NAIA Division II team that only started their program 10 years ago. Well done spires. That being said: rock chalk jayhawk.

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Slump busted: Kansas’ Conner Teahan regains trey form

Now, if Elijah Johnson can break out of his ungodly slump THAT would be newsworthy.

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Kansas’ Self: It’s ‘crucial time’

I personally would love to see KU end up in the Big 10 if they'd take us. That conference has alot of tradition and would provide some great football and basketball matchups. I know the Big East is likley but geographically it just doesn't make sense.

As for adding mediocre schools to the conference...I just really don't agree with it. There's enough fodder in the league as it is.

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Tyrel Reed signs with Belgian team

Jaybate you're forgetting Belgian beer! They have absolutely some of the best beers in the world.

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Gary Bedore’s KU hoops notebook

Jaybate I think you've finally lost it or you wrote this while highly inebriated.

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