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Report: Hinson in as Southern Illinois coach

That would be next year. His son is currently a senior.

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Official says radio station committed to KU men's basketball games

I only listened because of the variety. They had a good mix. I'm out. KISS me good-bye.

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Pair of coveted quarterbacks commit to KU

Tell that to the Indianapolis Colts. Clearly in their case the Quarterback makes all of the difference.
While your point makes sense on the surface you fail to recognize that in Crist's case injuries followed by a coaching change with a coach brining in a new system and his guy led to his demotion. Weis will use him in a system that fits his talent.
That all being said, I agree that to really make this offense potent, especially with all of the running talent that we already have is to have a solid offensive line with depth. That can make up for shortcomings in other areas.

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Sheahon Zenger's challenge: Find money to make coaching change

It seems we all have short memories. Mangino (regarded as probably the most successful coach KU has had) went 2-10 in his first season, 6-7 in his second (primarily due to bringing in a number of JuCo's and a weak Big 12 schedule), and in his third he went 4-7. I wonder if we would have witnessed the Hawks win the 2008 Orange Bowl if the nay sayers had come out against him this way? Oh wait, they did. I'm glad smarter and more patient people were making decisions then.

Gill is doing things a little differently. He has chosen to build a program (that was short on talent when he arrived) with young recruits rather than with JuCo transfers. Consequently this team is about as young as it gets. The defense is adjusting to a new scheme as a result of an unplanned coaching change right before the start of the season and a lack of depth where it's needed most. I would also like to point out that in his two first seasons Gill has had as tough a Big 12 schedule as he could have expected and he has taken on at least on real non-conference opponent which Mangino really didn't do.

What Gill has done well is attract quality, talented young men to Kansas. I would go so far as to say that overall the talent he has brought to Lawrence exceeds that which Mangino brought. We have seen significant development and improvement on offensively and I am confident that another year should bring another stable of solid talent to Lawrence and an improved defense.

I think we need to consider who will take this job if we don't give this coach a fair shot after how the University conducted itself in terminating its relationship with Coach Mangino. Gill deserves another year before we should pass judgment on him.

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UConn to play basketball game on aircraft carrier in San Diego; Kansas no longer believed to be a possible opponent

Does this mean that Kansas won't participate or they haven't been invited? Would Kansas participate if invited?

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Three newcomers await NCAA word

The NCAA is all about the Student-Athlete. Student first because it's all about the education; right? They can't however seem to get the Student cleared in time to attend classes but I'm betting they will have it done in time to play, much like they did with Selby. Shouldn't the clearinghouse timeline be dictated more by academics than athletics? Charging these guys for their education if they can't be cleared is ridiculous. That discourages young people especially those of little means from taking classes fearing the risk of incurring debt if for some reason they aren't cleared. I would suggest to the NCAA they at least consider modifying the rule to state that the Student will be required to reimburse the institution in the event that the Student or his/her parents knowingly and intentionally violated the rules or committed fraud.

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Prosecutor: No evidence Lew Perkins ‘knowingly participated’ in KU's cash-for-tickets scheme

I'm no Lew supporter but the point has been made that given his compensation package being what it was he had no motive to participate. No way was the benefit worth the consequences for him.
The responsibility falls on him because he was in charge. When you make that kind of money the buck has to stop with you. However it isn't reasonable that someone in his position is either complicate or incompetent. This was a conspiracy designed to hide the criminal activity, especially from Perkins. Most of the participants were in positions of trust and in fact were exactly the people tasked with ensuring this type of thing didn't happen.

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Texas lawmakers criticize raise given to Longhorns basketball coach Rick Barnes

I can't help but think that some people just look for things to complain about and find fault in anything they can. In the case of the politicians it's clearly to focus attention away from their shortcomings.

"The Texas athletic budget is separate from the academic budget, and Barnes’ raise does not include tax money. Texas officials note that the university’s new $300 million contract with ESPN will send millions of dollars toward academics."

Because of, in part, Barnes' efforts the university will receive an additional $300M in television revenue that will benefit academics. If the basketball program were a loser no way is it worth that much. I can't imagine how so many people are able to go through life without actually thinking. Let's try to look at the big picture. It clearly seemed like a good return on investment if a bunch of academics approved it.

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100 to 1


Downs did sit a year. He left after the first semester so only played one semester for KU. He was forced to sit out second semester last year and the first semester this year. He didn't start playing until December or January.

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Keegan: Bench energizes Jayhawks

The reason for the guards getting so many rebounds has more to do with the bigs than most give them credit for. The fact that our inside defense has been go good is forcing other teams to take longer shots. Longer shots result in longer rebounds and therefore the ball is going to where the guards are.

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