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Line-cutting, mobbing has KU Athletics reviewing Late Night admittance protocol

Charge $1 for kids under 12, $3 for adults and $2 for students. Limit the number of tickets available in a single purchase to 8 and sell them online and/or at the ticket office. They will sell out in one day and prevent something like this from ever happening again. Because it has always been free donate 100% of the proceeds, less the actual costs of implementing the ticket purchase program, to local charities. It is a shame that it has come to this but now that this has happened the University can't risk a repeat that could be worse next year. They would have to share some responsibility the next time now that they are aware of the potential for disruptive behavior.

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Line-cutting, mobbing has KU Athletics reviewing Late Night admittance protocol

While the University probably could have done more to manage the event it seems unfair, bordering on ridiculous to blame them for the behavior of a significant few. In what world is it okay to ignore common courtesy, ethics and respect for others? I can’t believe how many are actually downplaying individual responsibility in their posts. These people behaved in a socially unacceptable way. It seems that self indulgent and disrespectful behavior is growing in this country, especially among the youth. It is evidenced by the rude driving habits I see displayed every day in Lawrence. If you want to see a halt to this sort of thing then the majority of us, and I hope it is still a majority, that still possesses some semblance of decency should castigate these people publicly for their behavior and any time such behavior is demonstrated.

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KU cornerback Kevin Short to sit out 2013 season

There have to be clear guidelines on eligibility. The NCAA must to have some matrices for measuring eligibility that can be applied across the board. This story makes it sound as though they made a judgment call. If that is indeed the case then the NCAA is picking winners and losers and runs the risk of adversely effecting players and programs selectively. If that is what is happening here, and they don't even take the time to speak to the young man, the NCAA doesn't deserve to exist any longer. It may be time to move on. There has to be some level of consistency and fairness in the NCAA and enough transparency to establish confidence in them or they are obsolete.

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Opinion: Some of the top questions surrounding Kansas football

Given how close the team played at home against some good teams I don't think their winning most of their home games is out of reach. The possibility of winning their one non-conference away game gives way to a possibility of a 5 win season. If this team is noticeably better than last years I think this is a very realistic outcome for the season.

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Terrific threes: A look at KU’s top small forwards in the Self era

What do they say about opinions...?

1. Rush- clearly his return was a factor in getting to and to some degree winning a championship.
2. Langford- like many have said, a versatile and athletic basketball player that contributed significantly to 2 Final Four teams.
3. Morningstar- an excellent defender, high basketball IQ, made the team better when he was on the floor without a doubt.
4. Releford- intelligent, team player, did what the team needed no matter what it was at a given time
5. Henry- good shooter, athletic.

There is more to a player's contribution than measurable states. I give more deference to how each made their team better.

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Ben McLemore’s former AAU coach says KU knew nothing about middleman

At this point there doesn't even appear to be any evidence that McLemore even knew about this. The leeches should be ashamed of themselves and the NBA, NCAA and AAU need to work together to clean this up. There should be sanctions on those that violate the rules and each of these organizations should work together to share information about bad actors and hold those bad actors accountable. These sanctions could include banning them from holding positions at any of the three organizations which will in turn exclude them from working in high school programs for fear that they might negatively effect a high school athletes eligibility. They should also lobby for legislation that might criminalize any behavior that can be considered criminal. In some cases fraud is occurring. Until the bad actors have a consequence that matches the potential rewards this will continue. Until we know for sure it is appropriate to give the player and the coach the benefit of the doubt but if it is found that they were involved the consequences should be stiff.

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Report: McLemore’s AAU coach took agent money

The NBA has an obligation here and they are in a position to influence this issue. I'm not sure if there is any approval process for agents or not but the NBA should put in place a clearinghouse for agents that sanctions them in cases like this. There is some responsibility for them to look out for the young players and banning agents from representing NBA athletes in cases like these is appropriate. The NBA can prohibit teams from negotiating with banned agents thereby resulting in players dropping them in favor of agents in good standing. If the NBA were concerned about these kids they would act.

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Opinion: Jake Heaps instant upgrade

I think Crist is the easy guy to blame but neither quarterback threw a touchdown pass last season. Receivers looked confused at times resulting in protection breakdowns. Crist being a pocket passer, he wasn't a guy that could extend plays with his feet. Only after a more mobile quarterback comes in does that change. I saw Crist throw a lot of good passes that were dropped by receivers or receivers ran wrong routes. Now that the receiving corps has a year under their belts I expect we'll see better but I think we it is misguided to blame all of the woes on Crist alone.

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Opinion: Wait pays off for KU players

Every indication is that KU would have a good chance at getting either Randle or Wiggins but not both. While nobody at KU or in the fan base would complain about landing a kid with Randle's talent I always felt like Wiggins seemed like the better "fit" at KU. My opinion is based on more than just talent. He seems like a really solid kid with a good attitude that doesn't crave the spotlight. He doesn't seem like the "all about me" type if you know what I mean, reminiscent of Ben McLemore. I for one will be far more disappointed if KU misses out on him.

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Column: QB switch affects RB James Sims, too

It's too early to say that Cummings is the answer. He did well against a team that wasn't ready for him, and that is something under any circumstance to get excited about. Who knows if making this change sooner would have been the better choice. Weis brought Crist in because he knew the offense. His knowledge and experience I think helped bring the rest of the team into the fold. The rest of the offense has benefited from that experience while the new offense has been implemented. Had Cummings been introduced too early in game situations with a team that didn't have a solid handle on the offense the outcome could have been different, even disastrous to a freshman quarterback. What should be taken away is that Cummings came into a situation where even though he didn't get the win he should have gained tremendous confidence. While he was sitting on the bench he was clearly paying attention and learning. While we all hoped for a better season I would gladly tolerate this year for future success and if Cummings performance is any indication we have a lot to look forward to.

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