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Self: No defense, no problem for KU on upcoming European tour

That's awesome!! Anybody ever miss the State of Kansas outline on the floor? Growing up that was all I remember. Don't get me wrong, I like the Jayhawk now, just miss the Kansas outline...

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Self: Ben McLemore’s talent ‘off the charts,’ but still learning

Ben and Jamari way to go on the 3.0 GPA and showing the NCAA that you should have been eligible to play last year!!!

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Jeff Withey might decline invite

Anyone notice that this upcoming team seems to be a lot taller than past teams, or is it just me?

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Bill Self troubled by accusations, but stands by ‘kids’

Is anyone charged? Is this a case of a couple of college kids getting some pot, and when the DA arrested the dealer they've got the KU guys on a wire or is this a case of the main dealer got busted and said he supplied the KU players?

At any rate if the worse thing a kid tries in college I'm ok with that.

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KU's Border War win up for ESPY

I don't really get the Doc Sadler comment, maybe you could enlighten us? Doc, has over 20 years of coach exeperience with 6 of it being as a head coach. If you look at great leaders, coaches, etc... You will find that they are not affraid to surround themselves by highly sucessfull people. Even though Doc hasn't won as many games as maybe NU would have liked, I don't lay blame squarely on his shoulders. Unlike KU or MU, the recuiting pool of local talent isn't nearly what it is in KC or even Witcha.

Let's face the facts NU is a football school. Not unlike the job that KU football has/had. Unlike NU KU went and got a top football coach to try and turn KU into a basketball and football school.

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Mario Chalmers joins exclusive two-title club

I think Fox sports missed a player or two... Didn't Micheal Jordan win an NCAA championship in 1982? I think he also won something like 6 NBA rings...

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Bill Self a fan of new recruiting rule

I think over the course of the last five years we've had the top two or three schedule every year. I'm not worried about our schedule.

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Doc Sadler officially named director of basketball operations for KU men's basketball

Great leader aren't affraid to surrond themselves with great talent. Great hire HCBS!!

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Weis seeking solutions, not silver linings at KU

Jack has been in the KC news going on 30 years or more. I for one think it's an excellent opportunity to speak to the KU alum who aren't quite yet buying into KU football. It also gives Weis an opportunity to put his face in front of every metro area high school football athletes parents and sell the program.

Smart move, steal as many football players in the KC area from Mizzou and build the base for donors in the KC area all at one time

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Tyler Self to play for dad

I second that!! One of my favorite times in my life was having the opportunity to work along side my father. Now, its in the IT world and not b-ball... But it was still a great experience.

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