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Why KU freshman Cheick Diallo is neither crazy nor delusional

You make a number of great points, Matt. I'm not sure I agree that the NBA is a better place for a big man to develop, though - especially when at the end of the bench. The NBA isn't set up for developing players and it's Developmental League really isn't. The good college coaches are great in developing players... when they're developing them for the position they'll play in the Association, that is. I think one challenge for Diallo at KU is that he was expected to play center. He's 6'9" with some ball handling skills and a mid-range game. He's not a center in the NBA... and probably not in college. To that end, and if he has to play the 5 at KU, maybe it is better for him to make the jump.

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David Beaty names Montell Cozart starting quarterback

*"exciting", not "exiting"

We've had too many coaches exiting due to abysmal performance recently. Hope no cause for exiting soon.

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David Beaty names Montell Cozart starting quarterback

The pre-season is always exiting because it's about possibility and hope (hope, typically, but maybe not so much on this board). I have to believe the "Cozart is a bum" rants are a result of what we see as reality (in past experience) crashing in on our hope - the fantasy in our minds that a true freshman will be the savior of he program and put in in a place to compete. That's the fantastic possibility.

The more simple, and all things being equal, the more likely possibility is that the choice of Cozart was made by professionals who have been around football their whole lives, coaching a long time, and are now getting paid to run our team... and after watching hundreds of reps, they think Cozart is the guy who should get the start.

Maybe it will be the case that the more simple system allows him to shine. Or maybe he's only marginally better than last season, but at the end of the day, Beaty says he's the guy to go. There's a lot hanging on that decision, so I'm going to trust that it's the best available option.

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KU won't count on Cliff Alexander returning

Doug, I understand your point, but I disagree that we should forgo recruiting players like Wiggins and Embiid for players like Mickelson and Lucas.

First, I'm not sure that I would categorize Wiggins and Embiid them like Henry and Selby. Both Andrew and Joel really wanted to be at KU and enjoy the experience. And from all indications, they really worked well within the program and on the team. I'm not sure that we ever saw as much from Xavier and Josh.

I don't think either Embiid or Wiggins hurt the program. In fact, despite their departure after one season, I really do think they helped in some regards. KU is an elite program. Like it or not, to remain an elite program in this day and age (at least until the one-and-done rule is changed) we'll need elite players. And elite players don't typically dream of getting to the NBA as soon as they're able or ready (that distinction is a whole different topic). As much as I love college basketball in general and KU basketball in particular, I can't say that I blame them one iota.

This isn't to say that we always need a recruiting class full of soon-to-be lottery picks, but I think there's two ways to go about assembling teams now:
1) Have a team full of future NBA players (and the 2008 team was truly rare in that regard); or
2) have some truly exceptional play makers (high first-rounders) and surround them with really solid players.

Last year, we had terribly inconsistent play at PG and Joel got hurt. I'm not sure we can blame Andrew and Joel for either.

I love the apparent heart and dedication of Lucas and Mickelson, but we get beat by the likes OU, Baylor, ISU and others in the conference with them in lieu of blue chippers.

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KU, adidas unveil another new uniform for Jayhawks

I don't think that these are so bad. I do agree with Kyle, though. Given that everyone agrees that Kansas is so much about heritage, it would be nice to use the alternate unis as a chance to salute the history and tradition of Jayhawk basketball. They've done it with the replicas of the 1952 and 1988 unis, but I don't think we can have too much of that angle. I know that isn't the imperative of the adidas brand managers, but it seems that they could derive value off of the goodwill associated with the KU program's real brand, which is in the history (cradle of the game, coaching legacy, conference championships, total wins, etc.) as opposed to applying a template to span all of their premiere team partnerships.

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Opinion: 7-footer Embiid rare talent among Kansas big men

Umm, we have one of the best college basketball programs of all time. Whether during the middle of football season or any other time, news about the basketball team is going to stir some excitement. Don't think this has much to do with how the football team is playing... which is 2-1, by the way.

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Double vision: Gonzalez twins ‘next big thing’

Not that I like Google surveys (in fact, they're terrible for user experience), but they monetize really well. And if you haven't heard, the newspaper business is struggling to find ways to give you quality digital content without you paying for it. So, unless you want this site to be like and live behind a pay wall or something, I'd say just suck it up. Sure, let LJW know that the surveys are bad, but understand the reality the good content has got to be paid for somehow.

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Weis releases KU football spring game format

I'm pretty certain LJW doesn't have the broadcast rights. The game is being streamed at as part of their premium service.

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No. 2 recruit Julius Randle chooses Kentucky

It was 12 at the beginning of the year. But Kentucky won 21 this year and we're sitting on 29 right now. That puts us 4 back with games to play.

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Jayhawks: ‘There’s nothing to celebrate’

Bruce Weber just can't help opening his mouth and having stupid [expletive] flow out of it.

Hey Bruce, how 'bout you just accept your gift of a shared championship on that silver platter and do your best to act like you've been there before... and we'll forget that your team lost to ours both times we met?

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