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Future KU PG boosts stock

This is an outstanding group coming in. I don't remember another class as talented and/or highly rated. In 1 to 2 years we should be making another deep run in the tournament. Can't wait for BB to start!

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Tyshawn Taylor, Thomas Robinson share Manning Award

Coach Self is very smooth. I don't quite remember things the way he described. Weber had a funeral for coach Self when he took over at Illinois and started the long decline to mediocrity of the Illinois program. I think KSU made a huge mistake in hiring him. KSU has been set back at least four years with this hire. A poor decision on the AD's part.

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Evan Manning to join KU as walk-on

Here's the latest mock draft..............

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Jeff Withey-Elijah Johnson next 1-2 punch?

Here's a look at next years freshman class............

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Jeff Withey-Elijah Johnson next 1-2 punch?

We will have three returning starters from a team that went to the national championship game, plus Mclemore and Traylor who have been practicing with this team all semester. We have Young, Wesley and Tharpe that served backup roles this year and three freshman bigs that are all 4 and 5 star recruits plus 2 three star freshman guards coming in next year. I see another big 12 championship and if they jell and play hard like this year's team did, a chance at another final four.

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... Big Easy go

It looks like Danny is gone. I only wish him the best. The timing is bad, during the final four, but whenever is the timimg right? Good luck Danny! It's time to start campaigning for Larry Brown to replace Danny Manning!

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KU vs. Oklahoma State

Some of these pictures are really bad. Congratulations Hawks!

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KU’s Thomas Robinson, UK’s Anthony Davis neck-and-neck

On a side note, how about Coach Self for national coach of the year?

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Roger, Dodger: Tommy Lasorda tells Bill Self to 'enjoy the wins' following KU's 64-54 victory over Texas A&M

yes, I think he holds onto the ball way to long. I eluded to that in my post above. They eventually fgure it out but it takes them a half to see it.

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