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KU football announces home-and-home series with Rutgers

We need to get back into the bowl mix every year and consistently great play in the B12 before we start taking on iffy games... there need to be two directions and a state name in our nonconf opponents for a long time.

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5 things to focus on while waiting for spring football

"While a good chunk of Turner Gill’s first spring in Lawrence was spent becoming familiar with new terminology,"

"OK, Turner, this rounded thing with pointy ends... that's called a football."

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QB Dayne Crist, coach Charlie Weis happily reunite

It is so nice to have a real football coach and not that imposter from the last two years...

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What's causing the delay in KU's quest to hire a defensive coordinator?

Abba says:

"There's not a soul out there
No one to hear my prayer

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! A man after midnight!"

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Charlie Weis deal looks smarter every day


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Former KU coach Turner Gill hired at Liberty University

"I enjoyed the fact that at least we were competitive."

Kinda like finishing second in a gun fight...

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Mike Leach sweepstakes heating up; plus, what other news Tuesday could affect KU's coach search? (Spodcasters)

Mangino was 5-7 his last year... with a QB who was marginal due to injury. If you think that a star QB injury can't impact a team, take a look at the Colts and Chiefs. Mangino wasn't fired because of his win-loss record, but because he was a meanie to a couple of whiners. And then there was Mangino's second season when he went to a bowl game, using players left over from Terry Allen. Gill's only hope was to keep the Big-12 at nine teams and to schedule 4 chumps for the non-conference. Then he would have a chance at 4-5 wins. But never a bowl game... unless he bought a ticket.

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Nov. 22 Cliff's Notes — Turner Gill press conference 11/22/11

"KU has endured some up and downs but everyone is committed to getting better and this week is no different."
And the outcome of this week will be no different...

"Last year was Gill's first time experiencing the Border Showdown. It has a history that is passed down from the upperclassmen to the underclassmen."
And until Gill the Fraud came on board, it was passed down by Coach Fam also...

"Gill understands fans might not see progress in the program..."
No, ya reckon?

"With Missouri leaving the conference..."
Now take our coach... No, really... take him!

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Though KU football future uncertain, players deserve support in finale

"But each one of them continued to push Gill's message of positivity. "

I have seen the light and accepted Gill's message of positivity...

Gill should positively be fired!!!

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