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Wednesday's Kansas-Harvard men's basketball game canceled because of injuries, COVID issues within Harvard program

I would like to flag Kay Jensen's post for having nothing to do with one's personal political opinions.

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'It's been a lot of preparation in a hurry': How KU football's new coordinators got the Jayhawks ready

If we merely are occasionally good, that will be an upgrade on last year.

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Updating the NBA draft status of 4 former/current (?) Jayhawks

Dirk, the only guy that comes to mind is Jacque Vaughn. His junior year he was Big 8 player of the year and considered a lottery pick. If you will recall, he read Frost's "The Road Not Taken" at the press conference to announce his return for his senior year, and KU was instantly hailed as frontrunners for winning the title. Nobody was going to beat us. That September he tore ligaments in his wrist while playing in a pickup game and missed the first 10 games. After that, he just wasn't the same and we flamed out in the Sweet 16 (I still hate Miles Simon and Mike Bibby!) and tumbled in the draft to the 27th pick.

I truly believe that was the case study for young athletes everywhere to strike while the iron is hot, though if memory serves, guys like Matt Leinart took out big insurance policies to come back for their senior campaigns.

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New Rock Chalk Roundball Classic 3-point contest aims to crown KU's all-time 3-point king

I get goosebumps just seeing some of those names in print again!

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Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby discusses necessary steps for football and fans this fall

"'It really depends on how things go between now and then,' he said, noting that 80,000-seat stadiums could face the reality of having just 20,000 fans present due to social distancing requirements."

It looks like the playing field has finally been leveled (or stands in this case.)

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Looking back on the night Michael Jordan suited up in Lawrence

I was in college at a small school in Oklahoma at the time and came up to Lawrence with a couple of Sooners/Jordan fans (I considered it a chance to educate them on how awesome KU was. After all I had to endure Sooners crap from them for years.)

I have two memories from the game:

First, Jordan took off on a breakaway, went up for a dunk, and ended up short and had to finger roll it in. I remember thinking at the time about how privileged I was to see him in person because, amazing as he still was, "Air Jordan" was losing his ups, and he wasn't going to be around forever.

Second, after the game was over and most of the crowd had left, my friends wanted to walk around the field house. I led them to a wrong turn and ended up a door. Just as I reached out for the handle, the door opened and we were staring up at Phil Jackson! I remember how sickly thin he looked, how his suit hung off of his body and how scraggly his beard looked up close. The four of us (Phil included) just stood there for an awkward few seconds before I said, nervously, "uh, hi." He responded in like, "uh...hi?" We giggled nervously and stepped out of the way so he could come through. I turned around to my OU friends and said, "You see, this kind of thing only happens at KU!"

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Kansas basketball finishes 2019-20 season ranked No. 1 in both major polls

There's no doubt we had a great chance of winning the NCAA tournament, and hence being crowned champion, but how many teams have we had going into the tournament that to our minds was superior, only to have them fail in the tournament to an inferior team that got hot/lucky?

Maybe we need to have an NCAA Regular Season Champion and a Tourney Champion like what we do with the conferences. Then we can go back and retroactively crown some of those amazing Jayhawks teams from the past that fell short in the tournament. Hang the banners. By my estimation might reach double digit championships!

Of course I'm speaking tongue-in-cheek. Suggesting we should be declared champions this year smacks of the type of desperation I'm used to seeing in K-State fans.

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Former KU players, college basketball world react to rivalry game fracas

If De Sousa really wanted to disrespect the man, instead of standing over him after he blocked his shot he should have helped him up. That adds insult to injury. That sends a stronger message and punctuates the idea of winning with class whereas KSU plays the role of the sore loser. If he had done this, today everybody would be laughing at this clown who tried to steal the ball with 5 seconds left and got what was coming to him. It would have been the number 1 play on Sports Center. Instead KU lowers itself to KSU's level and gets another black eye.

Anyone who disagrees with Pollard should ask themselves one question: if De Sousa had it to do over again, would he have done it the same way? Pollard is spot on.

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3-star Texas prep WR joins KU football's 2021 class

It would be interesting if someone kept these stats and created rankings based on the highest rate of retaining early commits. I'd bet schools like Alabama and OU would be at the top around 90% while our beloved Jayhawks would be down around 67%.

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