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Former Jayhawk Dedric Lawson reportedly joining the San Antonio Spurs; McLemore on the move, too

That's nice for Dedric, but signing an Exhibit 10 contract doesn't mean he'll land on the roster. More likely he will spend the majority of the season on the Spurs' G-League team. The advantage he'll have is that he won't be limited to a total of 45 days on the NBA roster, like guys on 2-way contracts are. So he technically could spend the entire year with the Spurs but it's unlikely. I hope he is able to have a real chance to learn from Tim Duncan -- the future HOFer has the nickname "The Big Fundamental" for a reason. I hope Lawson has a chance to get some playing time in the NBA, but to expect him to be anything more than an end of the bench guy as a rookie isn't realistic.

Speaking of the Spurs, congratulations to R.C. Buford, who just got promoted to CEO. Who would have seen him having the type of front office career he has had back when he was a volunteer assistant coach for the Jayhawks?

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Is former Jayhawk Marcus Morris headed to the Knicks?

Thomas Robinson and Jeff Withey are featured in this article about former NBA players trying to return to the league by playing at Summer League. Interesting comment about how T-Rob has tried to change his attitude and prep after being bluntly told by a GM that his basketball IQ was crap

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Comparing Frank Mason III's pro path to that of other recent college basketball players of the year

The thing is, neither the Heisman Trophy not the National Player of the Year Award has anything to do with the players's future pro potential. It is simply given to whoever a handful of media and/or coaches believe was the best D-I college player in a specific season. And more often that not, the awad goes to the highest profile player on the best, or one of the best, teams. That's why we never see a NPOY or Heisman Trophy winner from a smaller school, even though the small school player may have far more potential as a pro.

Frank was a 2nd rd draft pick, which suggests that NBA talent evaluators didn't see him as a surefire NBA pro. He's way undersized at 5'10" and his one real skill that people expected to translate to the NBA was his 3-point shooting. But he shot 22% from behind the arc last season. So no one should be surprised that the Kings waived him. Hopefully he finds a team to sign him, but, as I've said in other comments, he's probably better off trying to build a career overseas

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Done in Sacramento, where might new free agent Frank Mason end up?

It's too bad he's injured. He hasn't played at all in Summer League so far. So he hasn't had the chance to try and impress other teams.

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Done in Sacramento, where might new free agent Frank Mason end up?

No they don't. Kemba Walker is their starting PG. Marcus Smart is their backup PG. And they drafted the kid out of Purdue, Carsen Edwards, in the 2nd round of last month's draft. He may end up as their 3rd PG.

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Done in Sacramento, where might new free agent Frank Mason end up?

What does being the National POY have to do with anything? This is the NBA, not college. And the reality is that Frank is too small, which makes him a real defensive liability. On offense he is not a great playmaker and has not shot the ball well at all. His best option would be to play in Europe.

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Jayhawks galore on NBA Summer League rosters

Svi and Devonte' both had good performances in Summer League tonight, although Graham didn't shoot particularly well (5014).

Will be interesting to see if the play any games tomorrow -- they had to postpone the latter games tonight night after big earthquake hit. That was the third 5+ magnitude earthquake in the same region of California in less than 36 hrs

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Done in Sacramento, where might new free agent Frank Mason end up?

I really think Frank's best bet will be to play overseas.

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Done in Sacramento, where might new free agent Frank Mason end up?

The Sixers signed Raul Neto to replace TJ

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Jayhawks galore on NBA Summer League rosters

I don't like being negative about former Jayhawk players because I root for them all and want them to succeed. But honestly, out of all of these players, the only 2 I expect to make an NBA roster this season are Devonte' and Svi. Frank evidently is injured, so I don't know if he's even going to play in SL now. And if he doesn't play, I'm not sure how he'll latch on with another NBA team, even as a training camp invite.

Also, the reason the Lakers traded Svi is because he couldn't shoot. He shot 32.9% from the field overall and 32.6% from behind the arc. Those are not numbers that are going to get you playing time in the NBA. Same thing with Devonte' and Frank -- they have really struggled to hit shots against NBA defenders. That's a big reason why Frank just got waived.

Maybe the Journal World should start a column about former Jayhawks playing overseas. Because that's where most of these guys are likely going to end up. And there's nothing wrong with that -- players can have long careers and make very nice livings playing overseas -- Scooter Barry, Steve Woodberry and Keith Langford are just a few of the former Jayhawks who are proof of that.

PS - Aaron Miles is coaching the Warriors' Summer League team.

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