Vic Janeway oceanvger55

Vic Janeway oceanvger55


Vic Janeway 7 years, 11 months ago

t-rob used inside the top of the circle quite a bit, that is really a close free throw, so maybe the bigs should be given the ok to do the same more often. Jamari has been very quick to get there leaving his defender behind. Coach please give it lots of consideration. Plus I am seeing many times the lane open from the top of the circle when the Hawks do the guard crossing or when the ball is on one side, maybe they should get the go ahead to drive and take it from there?

I am really surprised that the players don't see how often these last games how the lane has been open to drive. If they practiced driving and stopping more often to pass or shoot I think that would be a large help. Plus it is witnessed by Selden, who in the Florida game, did just that.

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