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Tom Keegan: 'Violation of team rules' phrase needs to go away

I couldn't disagree more. I've never seen why an LJW employee was terminated? As an HR professional, what do we tell other employers about terminated players; dates of employment and position held. Nothing more. Giving out more information would definitely lead to libel and slander suits. The players didn't give up their freedoms and rights because they agreed to play football and the University has no real to increase its exposure to lawsuits just because a sportswriter/fan wants to know.

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Kansas football top 25 difference-makers: No. 19, S Bryce Torneden

Look, I know everybody loves the local kid(s). I get it. I really do. I even love the local kids. However, if he's a major factor in this team's success then we will be lucky to win 2 games. This would tell me we have no D-backs. He was a last minute addition to the class when another kid backed out. I think he was going to North Dakota or NDSU prior to the last minute offer. Not only did he not receive offer from another Power 5 team, he didn't receive any from a single FCS school. He's not 5'10. He's not overly fast-4.7-4.8 depending on the scouting agency you look at. And, he may hit hard for a little guy, but he's not going to be playing against little guys. If he spends much time on the field then we have a big problem.

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5-star point guard Trevon Duval commits to Duke

I'm a lifelong fan and multiple, multiple year season ticket holder and I agree with Bryce. Bill's good, but Coach K is better. Fans that bury their heads in the sand about the fact Self has a dismal elite 8 record and has lost to a lower seed 12 of the past 14 years are not fans, their ostriches

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Best- and Worst-Case Scenarios for the 2017-18 Jayhawks

Tremont Waters has not received his release from Georgetown. No real favorites. Same suspects Duke, KU....

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2 through 4 seeds up for grabs in Big 12; and why Kansas should care

Let's just win the first game, lose the 2nd and go home and rest. KU will still be the 1 in the midwest with its record against top competition; Duke, KY, WVa, Baylor 2x all in the top 10-12 in the nation.

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Tom Keegan: If basketball roster thins, a pair of football players worthy of jerseys

I think Ben Johnson was a pretty good player and could give some height

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Report: KU basketball player Lagerald Vick investigated in 2015 on allegations that he struck female student

This is an easy one. Police don't make the decision on charges, the DA's office does. Police can make an arrest but can't file charges. Police won't make an arrest if there are 2 sides to the story. The girl was 16, that's the age of consent in KS, and the accused may be arguing consent. PD are not going to arrest the person if the evidence is circumstantial absent DA approval. They don't want to get sued for wrongful arrest should the case fall apart. Absent an arrest, there is no way to put the person in jail. As for names, police never publicize names in rape cases.

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Tom Keegan: Doug Meacham hire another big sign of better times for KU football

I love everyone's enthusiasm, but I just don't get it. After spending most my life cheering on the Hawks (including selling pop in the stands in 70's) and being a season ticket holder for a lot of years, I don't see a team ready to compete. Do we have some good players, sure, but it takes more than 4-5. I just see the same recycled stories. We hit the jackpot with "insert QB here" (Crist, Heaps, Cozart,.. I think the LJW just pulled up the same article it wrote for Rob Likens, changed the name and reprinted. I remember the LJWorld referring to his as "the air raid guru". What fricking guru?

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QB Peyton Bender's Air Raid experience makes him instant starting candidate

Let's be real here. As I've mentioned before, we hear this same story every year. Just plug in a different name. This same article was written with Crist, Heaps, Cozart, Willis,.... The most popular player on any bad team is the back-up QB UNTIL HE PLAYS. I don't care about Bender's stats at WSU as a first year, injury fill in freshman. Frankly, QB wasn't the biggest problem last year and won't be this year. I've still not seen any real help for the O-line, except maybe the guy kicked out of Alabama, and playing behind KU's O-line will hurt any QB.

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Peyton Bender and Carter Stanley, two reasons to believe KU in better shape at quarterback

Sorry, but I'm not seeing anything here to get real excited about. What was the weakest area of the team last year? Offensive line. Where's the help? There isn't any. Frankly, the LJW writes this same article every year whether its Crist, Heap, Cozart, Willis, Stanley or Bender. Change the name and reprint the article. Most popular guy on any losing team is the backup QB until he plays. One fricking win (sorry but Rhode Island was worse than a lot of high schools) and people act like the world is full of roses. We came close against TCU and ISU, yes and we lost. We almost always have a couple of close games. Heck, someone please tell me the difference in KU's unbelievable come back win over Colorado under Turner Gill and the win over turnover plagued UT. We all know how that turned out. After growing up three blocks north of the stadium and watching KU closely for the last 40+ years, it's going to take more than one win and JUCO QB to get me excited.

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