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Seeing stars: Guards take center stage for KU-Notre Dame women's showdown

Not the best game plan against one of the best point guards in the country (diggins). Think she could have been and should have been contained better. 22 points by halftime was unacceptable.

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Done dancin’: Diggins, Irish end KU’s tourney run

LeBo, no team under this coach will ever improve to be quite honest with you. When you play 2 on 5, or 3 on 5 you will never be successful when it counts. It happened during the McCray era, and it happened during the Goodrich era. Next year and every other year under her will be the same until she learns that each player needs to be developed and each player must have a role (not just a statue on the court)...........As quoted by HCBH, too often the ball ended up in Hawkins hand. Why put a player, or players on the court if they cannot play the game of basketball? Maybe the others did not want the ball, or were scared. i truly understand roles but when KU has had balanced scoring, the end result was usually favorable, unlike yesterday. Too often certain players games are sacrificed, or made to look less of a player in this system. She needs to take a few coaching lessons from the Louisville Coach, and sometimes just let the team and all the girls play.....WHAT WAS/IS THERE TO LOSE???

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Another shocker! 12th-seeded KU women upset South Carolina, 75-69, to return to Sweet 16

Correction, it was Engelman that turned the ball over twice in the crucial moments. Once getting trapped in the corner and the other driving to the basket(trying to score as you say) and rolled it off her leg)

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Twice as nice: KU women enjoying return trip to Sweet 16

Here's a few options:

1. Maybe she got tired of the program
2. Maybe she wanted a better opportunity than she felt she was getting in her current situation.
3. Maybe she felt she should have been starting and playing way more minutes than Bunny Williams
4. Maybe she did not want to play for Bonnie any longer
5. Only Tania knows, everyone's guess is as good as mine

Given the number of transfers out of this program since her tenure, one can only come up with one equation .... Coach!

Keena Mays probably felt slighted as well. Should have been starting surely over knight and was seeing limited minutes. Since her departure and return to basketball, she surely has been given the opportunity she so deserved. Conference player of the year and all American candidate. Never would have happened at KU ... Talent gets stifled in this system and for the likes of favorites IMO

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Another shocker! 12th-seeded KU women upset South Carolina, 75-69, to return to Sweet 16

Mom of three, look at how many turnovers the others get day in and day frustrating is that to say it was cece Harper as if they had lost that would have been the difference maker. How many times has cece Harper done other things for this team. figure out why Keena mays left and was named conference USA player of the year, which would have never happened for her had she stayed. As for players getting hurt, that happens all the time and the team moved on last year, and this year too. Quit crying about key players because the one that was lost may not have turned the ball over much(because angel did by having to cover her so much) but was no big difference maker but I understand the hometown thing. Cece Harper and markisha Hawkins are filling the role just fine, often getting the hardest defensive assignment each night. Lets see how much frustrated you will be next season when your star returns as i have said in previous posts, do what you do best and take care of your three and leave the coaching and game analysis to someone who knows basketball.

By the way, when any player gets injured it is a major loss for a team, whether morally or not. Get real and watch the losses next year. Not to take anything from the teams success but don't try to blame those minutes on one player smh

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KU women earn No. 12 seed in NCAA Tournament

Kgphoto....that's an ignorant interpretation of my comment if you think it was a negative comment directed towards Angel. If you take the time to read it, what I am saying is it will take more than your precious seniors to go far in this tournament. I don't care, nor does it matter if there are 8, 9, 10, 11, or for that matter 12 players on the team....The coach is still the same ! Get over your hurt feelings and move on. Lastly, why does it matter about why Tania Jackson left, quit, etc etc the team has moved on, and I am sure she probably has too. Oh and since you are curious as to whether or not I am a fan (players YES, coach NO) But since this is a message board, everyone is entitled to their

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KU women earn No. 12 seed in NCAA Tournament

Senior point guard Angel Goodrich, who carried the Jayhawks during last year’s postseason run, said hearing KU’s name called also lifted a weight off of her shoulders. In addition, she said she was thrilled to go into battle beside Davis and fellow senior Monica Engelman this time around.

“I’m just looking to go out there and play my game, whatever I have to do to help us get a win,” Goodrich said. “We have three good senior leaders who can go out there and help us, and I feel like I don’t have it all on my shoulders now.”

LOL.....Guess Angel passed the ball to herself, shot the ball, rebounded it, and all that by herself. Get real, Davis and Engelman is not the greatest, especially on defense. If this team is going to win, it will take all 11 or 12 players to pull it off, just like least season. Better start thinking team, and not 3 Musketeers...Take some notes from Bill Self, he does not care who scores, as long as the team wins. Recipe for Success !!!!

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KU women fall out of Big 12 tournament

Fanfromafar, please stop smoking that CRACK!!!!! Haven't you heard that saying "A mind is a terrible thing to waist" or better yet the commercial this is a frying pan, this is a egg..... (crack the egg into the hot skillet) szzzz this what drugs would do to you! Lol

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KU women fall out of Big 12 tournament

Liljayhawker15, so what/who is the excuse year after year of losing? That is what is really getting old! Guess it is the girls? That is what HCBH say in interviews after each lost. In your comment that is what you are saying also. A winning program begins at the top. Without a good leader you don't have good followers. Come on KU do the right thing. Pay her and send her on her way.

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Boyd breaks out, helps KU women past TCU in Big 12 tourney opener

Move on from who quit the team, who got hurt, etc, etc and focus on who is there now. You people need to focus on finding a new coach, one that will not only know what he\she is doing, but will not stifle kids games. Lastly, stop writing about kids expectations coming out of high school....this is college! Some are two to three years removed from expectations (good grief).

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