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Do you like the "woo" some students are adding to the end of the Rock Chalk chant?

The wooo existed the entire time I was in school. I would absolutely love to see a PSA about why we shouldn't wooo that's actually maybe 30 minutes before games. Or a Youtube PSA. Or something. Anything. Haunting chants with cheering aren't haunting.

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Finals set in All-Decade Team voting

Roy coached for three years this decade 01, 02, and 03, and took the Jayhawks to the final four in 02 and 03. Obviously, Self would win, because he got the ring and has had more wins in a 5 year stretch than anyone else, but it's not exactly and open and shut case.

Also, I don't spend a lot of time writing on here, but it sounds like you do. As such, I'm pretty disappointed that you didn't know Roy coached for 3 years in this decade.

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Our first look at realignment and what it means for the Big 12

Wait. Are you saying you think KU doesn't deliver the KC market? Dude, check your geography. KU (and Lawrence) is, at this point, a suburb of KC, while Columbia is 130 miles away. Mind you, MU obviously has a huge, huge alumni base in KC, but KU easily has all of Johnson County, the Dotte, and a pretty significant portion of downtown and Jackson as its market. There is a LOT of money traveling on I-70 and K-7 between Lawrence and KC right now.

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The Recap: Kansas 57, Memphis 55

I completely disagree that we can determine whether this team is national title contender caliber after this game.

If anyone recalls, in the early parts of 2002 and 2003, there were calls for Roy Williams head, yet both of those years saw KU in the Final Four. Heck, in 2008 we barely beat Arizona in overtime and Southern Cal by 4 early on.

College basketball is as much a game about when you peak as it is about being good throughout a season. I would be shocked if the team, as is, was not in position to win the Big 12 and then make a strong run in NCAAs over the next few months.

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Comeback kids

I was pretty sure that OU comeback was a big one. The nice correlation between that one and this one is that that one proved the mettle of of Chalmers, Rush, and co.

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KU chant options narrowed to two

"We were my in my day"? You mean, back when the football team was terrible, the stadium was half full, and the students showed up for a half, maybe, stayed quiet the whole time, and then left?Let's face it. People suck. The only thing that has changed is the manner in which they suck.

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KU football No. 15

Anyone see the cover? It looks like the Mizzou guy is taking a deuce and that deuce just happens to be a missouri helmet.Classic.

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Allow me to introduce myself...

Doog, so long as you remain funny and self-effacing, I will be willing to ignore (if not forgive) any certain educational history. Heck, even if you bring it up, but in an amusing manner, I'm in.Have you considered a column entitled "Running with the devil" or similar? I figure it'd go well with the title you picked today.G'luck man. I think this could be fun.

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Woodling: Lawsuit gives T's new life

As a 27 year old, I've reached the point in my life where I decide what I think is and is not funny. I can assure you, "classiness" and "classlessness" have nothing to do with my decision making. As far as I can tell, those are terms used by people who never quite left junior high and still constantly worry what everyone around them is thinking.I don't own a Muck Fizzou shirt, nor do I own any of those other hilarious shirts, but I still chuckle when I see them at games. See, that's the joy of being an adult. You are allowed to find anything you want funny, so long as you aren't hurting anyone.

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DA decides not to file charges against Sherron Collins

Wow. As far as I can tell the conversations get weirdly heated and religious during the off-season. What's that about?Also, did anyone else read the headline and for a split second think, "Why would Darrel Arthur file charges against Collins?"

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