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Former Jayhawk Andrew Wiggins sensational in bringing Golden State within 1 win of NBA title

I always thought that Wiggins was one of the more engaged OAD players that we've had. It seems like the 'disinterested attitude' is simply one that people expect of OAD players, and so it's what they perceive. Embiid's injuries and Tharpe's inability to perform at a high level as the point were the larger contributors to the problems that season and post-season, in my opinion.

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Former Jayhawk Andrew Wiggins sensational in bringing Golden State within 1 win of NBA title

Christians don't own or even have a corner on morality or ethical behavior. If Christians resembled Christ's teachings more, that would probably be a positive. But if no Americans were Christians, and yet pursued ethical, thoughtful positions, evaluated evidence fairly and by a holistic viewpoint of benefit and harm for everyone living in their communities and nations, and respected the views of other people who were also largely trying simply to live their own lives, that would also probably be a better America than the one we live in today. You have no greater or less burden than others, and claiming so is the opposite of the humility you claim to need.

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Former Jayhawk Joel Embiid's runner-up finish in 2022 MVP voting no snub nor an indication of his place in the game

I'm still mostly just happy that after all the early injuries, during and after his year in college, he actually got healthy and has had the chance to shine. He was the most engaging talent in a single year that I remember watching at KU - you could actually see him get better not just game to game, but half to half.

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Villanova coach Jay Wright's sudden retirement a reminder of how quickly things can change in sports

Liked his persona as a coach, good to hear that it was probably genuine. Hell of a team concept coach, seems like he's been kicking our butts consistently since 2014 or so. Glad we got our revenge win against them before he took off into the sunset, too!

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Jayhawks say Monday's national title win helped avenge lost opportunity in 2020

Bacot going down was potentially pivotal. KU not going for the mismatch points clearly was not pivotal in any way, as it did not have a noticeable impact on the final result.

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Kansas basketball's Remy Martin experience ends on an incredible high

Personally, I think Remy being out for most of the season made him almost a secret weapon when he finally did hit the floor. I think it was Creighton(?) that was sagging off Harris to guard our wings, leaving the 1 spot as the weak link because scouting on Harris was that he was not a great shooter. Put Remy in and suddenly, oh hey, the 1 is the most electric player on the floor. He gave KU a dimension that they didn't have through the year right at the time they needed it.

I know someone commented here at the start of the tournament that we were going to go as far as McCormick and Martin took us. They were the X-factors, and it turned out they were pretty good ones when it mattered.

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Senior Sendoff: Kansas basketball's unique, 6-man senior class has contributed in a variety of ways during past 4-plus years

Tech lost, we won, Iowa State and Baylor are tied at the 4.5 minute mark. At least you're consistent.

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Christian Braun's late 3 buries Sooners in 'grind-it-out' Kansas road win at Oklahoma

Some editing needed I think. By the score flow described here, it seems both teams scored negative points while in the 40s.

Also “Agbaji finished with scoreless”.

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'He played his butt off' - How KU big man David McCormack responded to coming off the bench in win over Oklahoma State

Yeah, suppose so. The other school that pulled off an upset that mini-tourney, haha. I was in puppy training classes while that game was going on, thankfully.

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'He played his butt off' - How KU big man David McCormack responded to coming off the bench in win over Oklahoma State

That's what I've seen as the point of sticking with him - the team needs a solid role from McCormack to compete for the championship, so Self will take some risks through the year, and particularly the non-con, to get him comfortable and up to speed with more consistency. We have no one that can truly replace him. Mitch is great but slightly undersized. Clemence is a freshman with a freshman's game and build. Without him logging quality minutes we have significantly less of a shot. He's not going to figure things out sitting for the rest of the year.

I think the same logic has applied with most of the other 'head scratcher' decisions by Self to play or start players who are not producing to what the fanbase hopes. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't, but survivorship bias comes into play - 'what if' we did something different always sounds plausible, but often only because it didn't happen so we didn't see the results.

And despite all the moaning, KU is 12-1 and if a last-second luck shot by Iona didn't go in, we would be number 1 right now, all other things being equal.

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