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San Diego State's Steve Fisher unhappy in losing recruit

My fellow Jayhawk friends, enjoy...

Nuf said.

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Wait, what? DeAndre Daniels picks UConn

i haven't posted in a while... frankly haven't felt the need to... but i think some posters on here are getting a little out of touch with reality... aren't we talking about a kid? he's not a pro (yet), Kansas did nothing but offer him a scholarship so he owed nothing but consideration of said offer, he didn't grow up being rabidly attached to ANY school like we are unconditionally in love with KU... just leave the kid alone.

On the one hand in his favor, njjayhawk makes some good points, Calhoun has once again made UConn look attractive to someone who wants to showcase their talent. Be it warranted or not, the Big East gets the most attention of any conference, UConn just won the National Championship and then lost their leader (and leading scorer) so it leaves room for a OAD to show his stuff...

On the other hand, it's possibly for the best! No offense to DD at all, but he may not have been what we needed. i dunno how excited we should be about anderson or traylor based on already-developed skill sets, but these young posts are working with danny manning, they're VERY athletic and they are REALLY excited to be jayhawks!!!! count mclemore and thaarpe into that same category as backcourt options and i think we very much succeeded in recruiting this year... we filled serious needs, without overshadowing where TRob and TTaylor should be rising up anyway... let those two returning vets do what they've been billed to do, let the young posts develop, give Withey a chance to earn some minutes, see if EJohnson can put up some numbers, and let's see if mclemore is worth a top 25 billing...

Our team is gonna be good out of the gates... not GREAT, just good... we have two VERY athletic returning guards who can combo between the 1 and 2 positions as they can both penetrate, play defense, handle the ball, pass, and shoot. Releford as some have said could break out anyday. TRob is GREAT as long as he stays out of foul trouble. Withey is the tallest guy in the conference and has a nice outside touch and don't forget he's added serious weight this offseason. McLemore could be exciting, Thaarpe could be a true point for backup, Anderson and Traylor have huge upside potential, we have a few other possible minute grabbers in there... i think we have a decent team with a chance under HCBS and Manning and the rest of the crew to really be impressive... remember 2008-2009!!!!!!!!! GO HAWKS!

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KU's Woolridge, Teahan could red-shirt

there's a bunch of people commenting that teahan doesn't contribute a great deal on the court... i personally think that's balogna. he adds maturity, he's not a terrible shooter, and he plays hard on both ends. he's not as athletic and he's not as talented, but given the chance to bestow wisdom and experience in practice and times of chaos in the games, it would mean the world to a jayhawk team incurring loads of turnover after this past offseason and next for conner to stick around one more season.

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Kansas, KSU share spotlight with Texas Tech at Big 12 Men's Basketball Media Day

i had to post this somewhere and i have a feeling fellow jayhawk fans will agree...

doug gottlieb, in all his misfortunes has blundered once again... many ku fans have their issues with tyshawn taylor, but when mentioning the backcourt, doug didn't mention ty at all... he mentioned elijah johnson, tyrel reed and brady morningstar,.... but did not mention the other guard that started 2/3rds of our games last year. secondly, he suggested that selby was our ONLY future pro... completely forgetting that marcus morris was almost an early entry this past offseason and has every skillset necessary to garner serious consideration for first round drafting following his junior season... if he performs up to his assumed potential... doug should be wishing his video on the big 12 preview gets forgotten quick as not only will selby NOT be the only jayhawk to be going pro... but that selby isn't the only jayhawk to be drafted in the lottery... i just wish espn brought on some analysts that knew what they were talking about... dg is an assumed big 12 expert cuz after getting caught with gambling and thievery at notre dame, he played a few seasons as a scoreless point guard at okla st... turns out, he doesn't know anything! i'm not saying he needed to say kansas is the best team in the world, but at least get your facts straight!!!!

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Dallas prep LeBryan Nash chooses Oklahoma State

some great posts, as always... here's a few of my thoughts, for those who like reading fellow fans' ideas...

nash going to oklahoma state is not as worrisome as durant going to texas or beasley going to k state... that list, i'm sure could go on and on, but we'll stick with those two... somehow, and i'm pretty sure i know how, kansas has not only survived the loss of recruits like this, but succeeded even further in spite of it... in fact, here's my thought on that... first, their talent helped us ultimately prepare for bigger games against lesser talented go-to-players. second, those one-and-done players that want more scoring opportunities than demands on the defensive end are not immoral people, but rather don't fit into the "team" concept that our guys do... i think selby is a rare exception to that, and henry wasn't so bad at that either. lastly, for all those haters out there saying that kansas never gets the great recruits... guess what you're doing for the guys we DO win in recruiting battles... they get motivation to prove you wrong, with a game tying 3-pointer in the championship game, or a triple double against drake in the following year's tourney... we win conference championships and bring in another 30+ win season. they work as a team, they play better defense and they make you fall in love with them. this is no circus where clowns come for the fame and fortunes, they ascend to allen field house for the shivers down their spine as they run through tunnel, for the participation in a historically legendary program, for the victories and the chance to truly become quality players and people. kansas doesnt need the best of the best individual athletes to take home the ultimate prize... they need the best of the best teammates and that's what HCBS is best at finding. rock chalk jayhawk, go KU.

last but not least, with nebraska and colorado out of the conference, competition actually heats up. with that, more national coverage is bound to take place... the texas vs kansas rivalry will grow and prosper into lucrative publicity since we'll always play them twice per year. if baylor continues to progress, same goes for that match up. k-state is MUCH better than a decade ago, and oklahoma state is often considered a tourney bound team. outside of iowa state, the big 12 actually was done a favor by losing two of the lowest performing teams in the conference... that alone could help recruit better talent for the big 12 and kansas in particular. oklahoma state grabbing the #4 recruit in the country helps get that ball rolling.

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Marcus Morris, Josh Selby earn preseason all-Big 12 honors

I couldn't agree more that alongside the loss of clemente and sutton that should make pullen's job more difficult on the offensive and defensive sides of the court, respectively, pullen's hightened expectations might also play a role in a potentially disappointing year... but this kid has heart. i'm a jayhawk for life and i saw a ton of heart by the morris twins playing garbage duty on the glass and defense, and tyrel reed is only in as good of shape as he is because he's got the determination unmatched by most in the league, AND sherron has more heart in his pinky finger than Pullen does in his whole body... BUT, Pullen still has heart, he'll be the undisputed go-to guy on the perimeter, in clutch situations, and fast break outlets... all that leads to points, and if defensive traps set him up for steals on occassion, and if his teammates can give him open passing lanes and made baskets his assists could be up there, too... yes, clemente took some of the scoring duty off his shoulders, but now there's nowhere else to look... Pullen doesn't have to share the scoring responsibility and THAT could bring him stats worthy of POY consideration. Again, he's not the best in the conference and i expect Selby to outplay him hands-down when KU and KSU meet, but until then, expectations are actually quite warranted.

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Jayhawks finish first day of dreaded basketball Boot Camp

This might be a dumb question, but maybe one of you posters could give some insight...

So Selby was granted permission from NCAA to attend class and practice. HCBS has gone along with this allowance and put him through the intense first day of boot camp... not only that the NCAA has given permission for him to do everything except play in games at this point, but also that Self has also given Selby permission to participate thus far... does this give anybody else further confidence that Selby's case will turn out just fine? If Self wasn't confident Selby would be fine, would he consider holding him out of boot camp on his own accord? And if Selby had any doubts, would the kid "waste" his time attending classes? i'm not saying class is a waste of time, but if he wasn't confident about being cleared, he'd jump ship ala Jennings and play out his year of NBA ineligibility in Europe so he could at least play if NCAA didn't clear him, right?

I, for one, am getting pretty darn antsy checking this website every darn day waiting for the "Selby deemed elidible by NCAA to participate in games" headline to highlight the feature story spot... how much longer before we find out? Any speculation, clue, insight???

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Meet ’n’ greet: Aldrich introduced in Oklahoma City

The trade was called off and Chandler was subsequently traded to Dallas for Eric Dampier, Matt Carroll and Eduardo Najara... no PG's brought in after all... MJ nixed the deal based on his review of the talent they were receiving from Toronto, and might be playing the "trade game" with Dampier's contract wave-able, it might give them an interesting trade chip. the Bobcats either did this because a) they're comfortable bringing in two summer league PG's to back up DJ Augustin, or Jose Calderon wasn't the right fit (or wasn't enough of an upgrade) to Augustin where giving up Chandler would've been worth it. As a KU fan I'd like to think the 2 summer league PG idea is the most likely, but i doubt it... plain and simple, Augustine isn't a qualified starter in the NBA and none of the summer league PGs including Collins should be counted on to be the primary backup for Augustin... Collins would be best served being the sole summer league PG to be called up, and for Charlotte to use Dampier to trade for a much better PG than Calderon so that Collins has less pressure, can learn from someone worth following, and can grow into a role until Augustin's contract expires and Collins becomes the primary backup PG (with the potential to start in case of a starter's injury or crazy improvement on Collins' part).

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Sherron Collins explodes for 32 points in Bobcats' summer league finale

I'm not sure if everyone on this site were as sure about this as I've been, but ESPN at the bottom of its article about the Bobcats re-signing Tyrus Thomas to a long term deal, also mentioned it's guard situation, mentioning they purged Acie Law and Ronny Murray to acquire Thomas from the Bulls, and then Raymond Felton IS expected to sign with another team during the offseason, soon... presumably, Felton will sign with the Knicks. The questions are still swirling around for DJ Augustin, as to what the Bobcats are willing to do with a 2.5mm contract PG who averaged just 18 min along with 6+ ppg and an assist to TO ratio of 2.5:1 last year... I'm assuming that with minimal playing experience, if Augustin does stay in Charlotte, he'll need at least 2 backups, and with the way Collins has played, he has a great chance of being one of those backups... he can't be the only one though, due to his being a rookie AND his foul trouble and defensive question marks thus far.

Still, only one PG (Augustin) and only one SG (Stephen Jackson), depth is a concern and Collins is in a prime situation to fill a roster spot. GO SHERRON!!!

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Dominique Sutton to transfer from K-State

The question is what "role" did Sutton play on teams leading up to this offseason... Please forgive me, because the similarity is just the best I could find between the Cats and Hawks, but is it possible that Sutton is like a Morningstar, with less of an outside shot and more of a rebounding niche? Both, to me, are fundamental assets that serve as the glue to hold an otherwise under experienced team together. Don't get me wrong, Pullen and Clemente were both well experienced, but that's it... just like Reed, Collins, and Cole were experienced when Morningstar served as our glue guy on the '08-'09 team... the next season, after playing such a huge role, Morningstar missed 1st semester and was the 3rd guy off the bench in an 8 man rotation by season's end. I'm NOT saying Sutton would've been the 8th guy on the roster in Manhattan, but Wally Judge deserves the chance to spread his wings, Kelly and Samuels are solid, tough, kids, Pullen is back... Maybe at 6'6" and 200 lbs, Shane Southwell can come in and muscle in at the 3 as a backup... they also have McGruder and Colon... as a Jayhawk fan, i'm still seeing them as a very tough team, and possibly most likely of any team to beat the Hawks... they have shooters, the have post players, they have grinders, they have role players, they have grit and they have a passionate coach. Kansas is better, but KState is a very tough team, deserving of high billing on the national level.

As far as Sutton is concerned, it's an unfortunate situation that he has to give up a spot on a rising program like KState to care for his young family, but you must respect him for his decision... you have to admit it had to have been a tough decision, but he's got his priorities straight.

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