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All signs pointed to Kansas for 4-star combo guard Chris Johnson

I watched chris play some of his games at Monteverde. He is offensively very smooth, and he can handle the ball. He fits in with the 3 or 4 ball handlers bringing the ball fast up the court that Coach Self has going now.
He doesn't seem to play much defense, but that will come. Definitely a great addition, and a player with a really big upside.


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Bella Swedlund eager to contribute in Year 1 with Kansas women's team

What coach schneider does in taking foreign players and players like Bella and making a very good team out of them is admirable and impressive.


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Report: Kansas' Bill Self, Kurtis Townsend avoid off-campus recruiting amid NCAA probe

Still Ted, simple logic tells you there is no excuse for dragging this stuff out. We have recruiting wise been on probation for years.
Who knows what great players did not come to KU because of that dark cloud over our heads.


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Kansas freshman Gradey Dick says team chemistry is already a strength for 2022-23 Jayhawks

Great to hear there is cohesion on the team, because finding enough playing time for everyone is going to be challenging. Play defense, listen to what the coaches are saying, think of yourself as a cog not a hog.

Those are the things that are going to determine who plays more and who plays less.
Hard to imagine who would redshirt this year?


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Former Jayhawk Marcus Garrett signs second two-way contract with Miami Heat

His defense is a weapon, and his offense is improving. He has a good shot.


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New Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark: Kansas 'a big part of what we're building'

Yormack is not the typical Comm but then these are not typical times. What I would like to see him do is have the conference argue for reorganization of NCAA, beginning with a time and evidence limitation for infraction charges.
Also if the BIG and SEC and ESPN are working to exclude other schools from the right to compete for national football championship then that is an anti-trust issue and should be addressed. In other words take some leadership action. Also, KU might just be the most recognizable brand in the conference.


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Kansas sophomore KJ Adams hopes improvement with his jump shot brings clarity to his position

Good points. No pun intended. In a way the question is can Clemence, Adams and Yesufu step up their game. If not, then that means this year will be getting Dick, if he returns, Rice and Udeh and Ebijor all ready for next year.
Coach has a system going, and the question is will he adjust the system, or will the players adjust to the system.


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Kansas sophomore KJ Adams hopes improvement with his jump shot brings clarity to his position

Even with a marginal jump shot. I can see KJ taking over Mitch's role as key post sub. Mitch wasn't much bigger than KJ, in fact weight wise even smaller.. But Mitch was good rebounder and shot blocker and charge taker.
He didn't have to score to be effective, but in the champ season even his post moves improved, especially over left shoulder. I also wonder about KJs ball handling skills. Can he bring the ball up court by himself, that is what made last year's team so tough. 4 guys who could get a rebound and bring the ball all the way up the court. Another possibility of course, is that we change from 3 wings to 2 wings and power forward, this would benefit KJ and also Ejiofor, a greatly underrated player.


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Is a Big 12 vs. Pac-12 battle brewing on the conference realignment stage?

I couldn't agree more. 4x16=64, that would be the ideal, or 7x10=70, but either way the lack of regional identification is detracting from the overall product appeal. At some point some small conference should bring an anti-trust suit against the SEC and Big 12. Ideally I would like 8 conference with at least 8, big 10 and SEC could be 10. The attraction of the NCAA tournament is the cinderella possibility, the mega conferences are going to make that impossible. The real culprit is ESPN. They are simply destroying college football.


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Could Kansas' Jalen Wilson be in line for Big 12, All-America honors?

Another crucial factor will be who the other two starters are. We already know that 90% Kevin, Jalen and Dajuan. But the other two starters have to be able to score enough to keep teams honest.
Jalen needs good shot selection and improved accuracy at the same time. We should all remember that the Natl Champions won to a great extent because everyone contributed, Abaji, did not have a great tournament, and
yet the strength of the team was greater than the sum of its parts. Jalen has all the potential in the world to be an AAmerican, but he needs to do it within the system, and bring out the best in the players around him also.

I believe that Ude is going to play a lot at center spot, even if he does not start. And Gradey and MJ will fight it out for the other wing spot, with whoever loses being the sub for the other three and getting a lot of regular minutes.

Center is really out biggest question mark. We just don't know yet.


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