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5-star KU football commit Devonta Jason: 'I'm just going to be me'

Devonta's and Corione's decision make sense to a lot of people. Look at Mike Lee and his impact as a freshman. Mike will play in the NFL, if he keeps his current pace up. Devonta and Corione saw that. What they also saw was that Mike got his chance immediately after arriving and that NFL teams and awards committees took notice of him. All 3 have a chance to become KU legends.

All word on Devonta is that he already looks like a NFL receiver. I'm no scout, but watching his tapes, I see it. He is elite. Corione is elite and also looks big-time on tape.

Devonta is going to be a first round draft pick, no matter the school he chooses. He comes to KU, Beaty/Meacham design plays around him and he gets to start NFL resume building and gaining awards immediately. He goes to Bama or LSU and he will be waiting to get his turn (especially Bama). Daylon Charlot can speak on that, from his time at Bama.

I'm optimistic that Devonta, Corione, and the other high-profile recruits keep their commitment. Lawrence is a great place and Tony has made it feel like a genuine home away from home to our Louisiana players. That goes a long way.

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Former KU football standout Kerry Meier living out dreams for two

Great story! Kerry is one of my all-time favorite Jayhawks, and I think we all felt pain at the news of his brother passing in 2010. It's great he can honor his brother in this way.

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KU Sports Extra — Resolutions and Revelations

Great show guys.

Quick question: QB Hill has been granted a release from TA&M. Do you know if Coach Beaty had developed a good relationship with him and is there any chance he transfers to Kansas?

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Column: One week left in Bowen's trial run

Chuck, your question was, "Does anyone believe that will happen as long as KU basketball serves as an ongoing rationalization of athletic excellence?"...Recent history answers your question. Kansas' Orange Bowl team showed that football can win a BCS game in the same season basketball can win a championship. So the obvious answer is "yes". Though it does takes the right coaches, the right players, the right culture in football. It's that combination KU is missing, and it has nothing to do with a rationalization that basketball is the keystone of KU athletics, presently.

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Kansas Orange bowl team based on regional recruiting vs. national look of current roster

Wait...where the heck is Pittsburg, KS legend Kerry Meier?? Can't leave him off the list!

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Column: Worst Big 12 team? Still KU

Is Tom being "negative" or is Tom being a realist? I don't believe he is being negative here, or on any of these columns. His opinion is backed up with numbers. Do any of you truly believe we are ahead of any of the other 9 teams? The team, as a whole, has shown they are not. Like he says, this was the easiest quarter of the season and some major red flags are still there (and likely to remain there). You have to think from his point of view; if all he does is write about the "positives" of this football team (the team has many negatives, folks) he loses credibility with all of the realists and his journalist peers.

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FINAL: Baylor blasts KU, 55-7

What a total and utter embarassment. I understand there has to be a transition time, but geez... Hopefully next season will go a little bit better. Defense was nonexistent and offense was abysmal. If we give up 55 to an above-average Baylor, how many do we give up against our rivals?

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Two presidents talking KU basketball

Classic post WDC_Jayhawk! Very funny stuff that conjured up Stephen Colbert.

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Plano sophomore Zach Peters picks Kansas

Congrats on becomming a Jayhawk, Zach! Huge commit for us!

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Buffalo player's letter provides assurance to KU players

Coach Gill seems to be exactly what we need in a coach and representative of the university. It really looks like good things are on the horizon.

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