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Senior Night at Kansas special for underclassmen too

Hey Tait! Is Landon eligible to transfer and play as a graduate like Tarik Black, or did the Red Shirt make that not possible? Thanks

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All-around action puts Josh Jackson at top of ratings in title-clincher vs. TCU

Agree mostly. Svi had his best all around night in a couple of weeks. Didn't get beat on defense, blocked shots, and would have had more assists if teammates hadn't missed shots. The story of the night, though, is Bragg. Hope this game takes the lid off of his slump.

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Jayhawks running college basketball's version of the spread offense?

When 3 of the 5 guards are listed at 6'8", I wouldn't call this line up "small." He makes a great point here.

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Landen Lucas out-pounds Mountaineers on the glass

The whole team looks so much more engaged (and aggressive) when Self uses a 10 man rotation unlike the 8 man used during the "slump."

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Wayne Selden Jr. takes his game to another level vs. Kentucky

Svi has not played a single minute since the starters met with Self. Any insight, Keegan?

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Epic OU victory no longer an excuse for KU's current struggles

Will someone in the media please ask Self why he benched Mickleson? They were undefeated when he was starting, and now he isn't even playing. And by the way, the team isn't winning. I personally believe blowing up the rotation that was working is killing team chemistry.

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Going forward: Self trims big-man rotation to four

A couple of things bother me about what Self is saying: one he is letting his players decide who gets playing time (blow out losses to OSU and ISU followed) and two, it should be Mickleson and Bragg not Lucas and Traylor getting the minutes, and three oh by the way, I guess Self missed the fact that KU is undefeated when Mickleson starts. I guess he's worried more about a few players feelings than the chemistry of the team.

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Wayne Selden's hustle, passing stand out in rout

Does anybody know why Vick is not playing?

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Jayhawks can't stop Denzel Valentine, fall to Michigan State

Does anyone else think that Self became stubborn after the '08 Championship? He used to make changes and adapt his game. The last several years, it's been "I'm playing the guys I favor whether they deserve to play or not." I doubt anyone wasn't wondering why Mickelson, who should be starting, only played about 4 minutes. And how does Lucas play over Bragg, or Graham over Svi? There's more, but I've got to get to work.

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Outmatched: No. 3 Baylor speeds past Kansas

Clint Bowen is a stud! 7 years of exellence

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