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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins chooses Kansas

HCBS for recruiter of the year. Anyone think Tarik will also commit?

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Bill Self OK that shot clock to stay at 35

I've been waiting for someone to address Bedore's poor reporting. IMO of the
opinion that he would be better off somewhere else. Most of his articles
seem to come from outside sources and don't reflect what is going on at KU.

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Analyst: Nobody knows Andrew Wiggins’ pick

Agree with you. It doesn't look like he wants to attend college. He leaves a lot to be desired with his lack of team spirit and inability to commit. I think he will be a cancer to any team. I hope HCBS can find a suitable transfer to back up Ellis and that should be enough.

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Opinion: Guessing game — Nobody knows where prep phenom Andrew Wiggins will spend his one year in college

I am sorry, but I cannot believe these posts giving Wiggins the benefit of doubt. All of the top 2013 recruits have made up their minds, but #1 cannot handle the choices. Come on.
It's time for KU to rescind their offer. If he came to KU, I think he would be disruptive to the team and if things did not work out for him as he expects, then he'd probably leave or sulk or pout or claim that he's tired. Hope HCBS just moves on to other prospects.

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Conner Frankamp stands out at all-star game

Forget Wiggins. KU has great recruits already.

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KU assistant Joe Dooley hired as head coach at Florida Gulf Coast

Don't believe any of it. IMO Wiggins is looking for a better team than NU

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KU signee Joel Embiid praised for defense at Jordan Classic

Embid did not look like he's quick. I saw him burned by Walker a couple of times when Walker was in the paint and drove to the basket. He went right around
Embid. Embid is a good shoot blocker, rebounder and has a nice post move.
He should develop into a player like Withey, IMO.
Could not tell anything about Seldon..

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KU signee Joel Embiid praised for defense at Jordan Classic

Totally agree. Sounds like he is a head case who cannot make any decision.
I don't think any school is good enough for him. Amazes me that he cannot decide where to go. I think, also, he wants to set the conditions for his playing.

There are many more fish out there.

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KU basketball notebook: Frankamp on fire; latest on Rio Adams

Perhaps HCBS will offer both Wiggin brothers scholarships to Kansas Univ. as a package deal.

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