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KU's offense comes alive to soar past Boston College for 48-24 win

3-4 since 1993:
1993 Florida State: L 42 - 0 Giants Stadium
2003 North Carolina State: L 56 - 26 Tangerine Bowl
2008 Virginia Tech: W 24 - 21 Orange Bowl
2009 Duke: W 44 - 16 Home
2010 Georgia Tech: W 28 - 25 Home
2011 Georgia Tech: L 66 - 24 Away
2014 Duke: L 41 - 3 Away

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Redshirt seniors Daniel Wise, Joe Dineen revel in their first KU road win

I live in Michigan and I attended the game on Saturday with friends, all 1984 KU grads. It was a great win and we really enjoyed the day. The CMU fans were great. They were respectful of the KU fans and they cheered for their team, although there wasn't much to cheer about. I had to explained to the CMU fans sitting behind us the "waving of the wheat" that we did after every KU score. One of the CMU fans behind me said he wanted to watch the KU vs Rutgers next week so he could see the effect of the whole stadium "waving the wheat." It was a great second half. BTW, I also attended the KU game in which they broke the 36 year losing streak to Nebraska. To KU FANS in Lawrence and surrounding area: You really need to attend the Rutgers game! Not only to show the "waving of the wheat,' but also to watch Pooka Williams. He is the real deal, my friends, and very exciting to watch.

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Tom Keegan: Les Miles has 30-year connection to Kansas

I was at the game when Kent State pushed KU around in Lawrence and beat KU pretty handily. Pretty soon after, Kent State's head coach Glen Mason was hired as KU's head coach. Hiring Tim Rowe would be history repeating itself.

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Tom Keegan: Put him in, coach, he's ready to play

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy...........

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Sporting News moves Jayhawks to No. 1 spot in preseason Top 25

Interesting top 3: Self, Turgeon, Williams

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Jayhawk-killer Ali Farokhmanesh surprises Kansas fans in Omaha

The sad thng about the ncaa tournament is that everybody, except one team, loses their last game of the season, including Ali Farokhmanesh.

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Bill Self: KU has to take care of business in Big 12 race

KU lost 2 tough road games during Jerrance Howard's suspension. I was just wondering if it had any effect on KU's play with Howard not on the bench or not participating in practices? I thought that losing Danny Manning as the "bigs" coach would eventually be "big." Seems like it has had more of an effect this year than last.

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Former KU LB Ben Heeney shines at NFL Combine

I'd love to see Heeney get drafted by Chicago. He'd be a great continuation of the middle linebacker tradition of that franchise, following in the footsteps of Brian Urlacher, Mike Singletary, and Dick Butkus.

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Bill Self wants more out of Jayhawks in stretch run

I thought KU had five games remaining in the conference schedule?

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Column: KU's shortcomings showed throughout loss at WVU

Missing a shock clock violation is common in Big XII games. I saw 2 shot clock violations not called in the OU - KSU game on Saturday. Both times, the home team (KSU in this case) got the "benefit of the doubt." Big XII refs are not just bad in KU games.

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