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Kansas baseball coach Ritch Price retiring after 20 seasons

He’s talking about the current KU softball coach having the same thing happen; leaving the position. 🥎 KU baseball had a rough year after some huge expectations were laid out there; apparently there were some key pitching injuries; it would seem to be time for a change. Thank you for your commitment Coach Price. ⚾️

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KU receives NCAA response in violations case

Frankly, KU should tell the LJW and any other publishing or broadcast entity, to pound sand, and not release a thing. This isn’t a court matter; although the federal courts dragged our name through the mud previously to “force” the NCAA to investigate. We’ve seen the allegations and KU’s response; now, it’s an internal matter with an NCAA member school; it’s not “Judge Judy.” The final result will come out in due time after all the committee votes and appeals are complete.

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KU great Gale Sayers named 10th-best college football player of all-time

Being a jerk comes naturally to some people; kudos to you Brett, for solidly exhibiting this character trait.

I don’t care what the article says; Gale Sayers was born in Wichita; but he spent no formative years there. He went to a Omaha high school; he was recruited from there by Kansas.

Barry Sanders went to Wichita high schools; he was recruited by OK St. from there. Barry Sanders is from Wichita KS; Gale Sayers is from Omaha NE.

Thank goodness Gale Sayers is a class act, we can admire and revere. Plenty of folks can learn from his high quality character.

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KU great Gale Sayers named 10th-best college football player of all-time

Gale is from Omaha, Nebraska. Besides Barry, who else on the list is from Wichita?

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'You got this, Gary': Amy and the U.S. Open champion

“I got this.” The thought and phrase that helped him win a major golf title; inspired by this remarkable young woman, Amy.

They’ll be buds for life. Just awesome.

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Woodland wins! Former Jayhawk star captures first career major at U.S. Open

Well, it was a remarkable performance; kudos to Gary and his preparation and execution. To defeat the #1 player in the world, and the winner of 4 of the last 8 majors; and with Brooks playing so well; it’s a great legacy to leave for your first major title. So proud of him and what a great representation he is to Jayhawk nation; what an accomplishment. Congrats Gary! Go Jayhawks!

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He's Back: Kansas point guard Devon Dotson announces return to KU

Grimes is gone; announced to go into the transfer portal.

Welcome back Devon! Go Jayhawks!

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