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Small forward Brannen Greene commits to KU basketball

Isaiah Lewis, there's already rumors that he will commit here soon. Hopefully Freeman and Mickey will follow not to long after.

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Official: Charlie Weis to be named next KU football coach Friday

I still can't believe that there are KU fans out there insisting on bringing Mangino back, he is the most overrated coach ever!! I mean he was 18 games under .500 in the Big XII and that's who you want for your coach? I don't think so!!

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Official: Charlie Weis to be named next KU football coach Friday

NO, NO, NO!!!!! Weiss would be an absolute disaster!!

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KU football turns eye to future

Matt, do we not have any interest in Chris Peterson or is it that he would have no interest in us?
I personally think Zenger needs to go all in for Sumlin which is who I thought they should have hired back when they hired Gill.

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Tyshawn Taylor, Bill Self look to build off UK game mistakes

White is a wing player will play the 2 or 3. As for Ellis, he handles the ball just fine (a lot better then Releford) and will play a lot at the 3 but will spend some time at the 4 as well. Self has described him as a hybrid 3/4.

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Naadir Tharpe ‘antsy’ in KU debut

Front court deep..................are you kidding me!! With the exception of Ellis none of those guys are D-1 starters, they are role players at best. With T-Rob likely leaving and Self missing on Tarc we are in big time trouble next year up front! As for the guards will have Johnson, Tharpe, McLemore and hopefully will be getting a commitment from Andrew White very soon. Yes Nino Jackson is also out there but he is a mess academically and I don't think he is going to qualify.

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KU coach Turner Gill (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

Where to start........................well I won't go all negative here other then to say that Vic Shealy must go, he has no clue what he is doing!! When the defensive players can't even make a fundamental tackle time after time he has got to go!! Who do we get I don't know, hell I could coach better then him and I have zero experience it's basic fundamentals!!

One more thing Jordan quit throwing the ball into double coverage and for god's sake learn to throw out of the wildcat once in a while!! Sheeezzzzz

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Realignment Today: 1:59 p.m. - The latest on Mizzou and the extensive expansion rumors surrounding the Big 12

Matt, thanks for the update, it has been several days and I was starting to feel out of the loop. I firmly belive that we need to expand to at least 12 and we need to do so now with the teams you stated, BYU. Cincy, WVU and Louisville, if you need to substitute TCU for one them that would be fine. I feel that staying put at 9 or 10 just says that we have no interest in being a viable conference long term and I don't think this is the case.

By the way why is Memphis never mentioned in any of the expansion talks? I know the CEO of Fedx said he would give 10 million dollars a year to whichever BCS conference that takes them in and they would be a great addition to the BB.

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